Welcome to level up service.
Happy leveling
Level Up Service
List of Chat Commands:

➪ !help - list of all commands
➪ !check - this command check number of badges, that you can craft from cards, that the Bot has in inventory
➪ !level X - this command calculate how many card sets you need for X level [/h1]
➪ !buytf X - this command requesting trade offer for X amount of your keys, for sets that you don’t have crafted at the current exchange rate. Maximum amount of keys in a single trade is 10. If you have just purchased few sets from the Bot, make sure to craft them first, before to buy more!

Level up bot is really easy and automatic

➪You can craft badges for games you don't own
➪ If you have any questions/suggestions leave a comment or contact my owne

Important information!

➪ Before beginning exchange with the bot, make sure that your profile and / or inventory is not hidden, otherwise the bot will not be able to send you an offer.

Why level up your steam account?

➪Every level you reach you gain another 5 slots in your friendslist
➪Every 10 levels let you add 1 more Showcase to your profile
➪Every 10 levels increases your chance of Booster Pack drop by 20%
➪Want to get popular? As you level up you start to appear on peoples profile :steamhappy:
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