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Fictitious Gamer, and fan of most things Anime related. I am always up for meeting new people in the community so feel free to shoot me a friend invite if you would like to have someone to chat with.

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Due to the amount of scammers sending me friend invites, please put a comment of why you are adding me on my profile page. Something like "I like fluffy kittens" ... yes, that seems nice. ;)

A little about me:

:laser: I do love meeting people from all walks of life
:laser: I may be slightly eccentric
:laser: I am more introverted than I may appear
:laser: I absolutely love Anime and am quite intrigued by Japanese culture
:laser: I have watched many great Animes spanning most genres but I am too lazy of a person to list them here. If you are curious about a show or have a recommendation for me shoot me a message.

It is fairly challenging to write about myself on a profile page so if you made it this far I must have done something right.
If you have any questions about me that aren't listed here (I am more interesting than this stuff) feel free to shoot me a message. I am too laid back to get offended by anything so ask away.



Sneaking my Anime lists in here:

Feel free to join my Discord group. Lots of happy anime and gamer peeps there:
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:coop::coop::coop: GAMES STUFF :coop::coop::coop:

I've recently picked up a PlayStation and Xbox console, so I spend a large amount of time relaxing on the couch playing games. The ones I play are mostly casual fantasy RPG goodness.
If you have any suggestions for a game that you think I may like, feel free to send me a message and let me know. :fhappy:

:coop::coop::coop: FRIENDS STUFF :coop::coop::coop:

My friends are very important to me but sometimes they say the funniest things or at least I perceive them to be. Most of these are either inside jokes or something a friend says to me on a daily basis. First timers reading my profile will get nothing out of this:

It's prounced "E key" not Icky!!!

Shoot them! Stop reloading and shoot them!

[Friend] Two things to know about me:
#1. I'm super shy.
#2. I'm super shy.

[Sinical] I just try my best not to become tainted by all the perverseness that surrounds me.
[Friend] You're also the one who sent me Hentai when I was depressed.
[Sinical] Did it "lift" your mood?
[Friend] No

Worst kind of person you can think of

[Friend] I don't like perverts.
[Sinical] That's understandable, what is your favorite Anime?
[Friend] Sora no Otoshimono
[Sinical] ...

You are AMAZING! Coolest person on Steam (Might have made this last one up but still waiting to hear it)

If you are not on this list, it's okay. I am a bad bad friend so I probably just forgot to add your comments on here. But if you want to be added to the list I take donations of Games, Cards, Wallpapers, Emoticons (see actually a good friend).

:bsym::bsym::bsym: Owner of the Sinical Network :bsym::bsym::bsym:

Main Discord:

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Sinical's Anime Groups
I am pretty active in the Steam community and can be found in many of the Anime groups. I also have a few groups that I own and a handful that I help support:

:ai_gyro::ai_gyro::ai_gyro: My Personal Groups :ai_gyro::ai_gyro::ai_gyro:
:bsym: SinicalAnimeNetwork:

:bsym: Life Needs a Little Sin:
:bsym: The Plastic Waifu Cafe:
:bsym: Shuriken Girls:
:bsym: Valkyre Crusading:
:bsym: Furry Tails:

I also own and manage a handful of active Discord servers. Feel free to ask me if you are interested in finding some new communities to join in Discord.


Click here to join my Discord group []


Steam Groups that I am an Admin/Moderator for:

🉐~We Love Anime~㊙️
Anime 101
Neko ~ Otaku Club
Anime Profiles
Visual Novel, JRPG, Anime
Hatsune Miku Fan
Animu Game
Fans of visual novels
Yuri For Life
Anime Empire~
Taiga Fan Group
Ross Porter`s Finest
Hentai Enjoyers
xKito Music
The Akatsuki Ninjas
LoveX '♥'
Air gear team
Another useless Anime group
Strakhov's Group
Mahou Shoujou Department
\\[-|-]// Anime Lovers \\[-|-]//
AnenFairy's Create, Explore, Express

I enjoy helping Anime themed groups both grow and stay healthy so free free to stop by if you have any questions on how to improve your own group.
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