Sinful Mario
( My shark wife )
Feel free to add me. Although, I rarely use steam.
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Just call me Sinful or Mario(or go formal and address me as Sinful Mario)

I am a full time game developer, I mostly work on the artsy part of the game. I work mainly on digital art, occasionally I work on traditional or mixed media. I first started to learn how to rig models/make playermodels for Garry's Mod, then vertex modeling, but now I am moving on to Zbrush modeling and learning the Unity engine.

Random Stuff About Me
ogniK is my beautiful wife irl♥
I really love bread and bananas.
Ironically I love The Legend of Zelda more than Mario games.

Q:Can I add you?
A: Go right ahead! I don't bite.

Q: What do you use to port/rig models?
A: 3DS Max 2012.

Q: I need help making this model into a playermodel, can you help me?
A: I unfortunately stopped giving lessons about model porting. Sorry.

Q: Can you make my ragdoll into a playermodel?
A: I am very busy with real life and work, l am very sorry.

Q: Make (insert character name here) playermodel!
A: I don't take requests.

Q: You're a game developer?
A: I am currently in a small indie game team. Quite happy with it too. We finished our first game and so far it's been great! I work more in the pixel/digital artist department. Sometimes I code ruby, although I am not good enough coder to be called a pro .
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Alex8405 Sep 30 @ 5:13pm 
I ate a plain cheeseburger from McDonald's
Злой Дед Sep 7 @ 10:21am 
Hello friend, can you make the playermodel Margaret Baker from the game Resident Evil 7 only infected
Ave Maria - Jul 23 @ 10:17am 
There's an apocalypse now in the Vatican, you should see this video. Also out of charity you should change your name:
20Flames1 Oct 15, 2021 @ 11:45pm 
nice profile
Coppermind Jan 8, 2021 @ 6:29am 
Hello there! Recently, I downloaded "Touhou Ruukoto Playermodel". In the game, I noticed that the model has a bad hitbox. I fixed the hitbox with the Half-Life Model Viewer. I need to upload the corrected model to the Murder server and to do this, I need to upload it to Steam Workshop so that players can download it. Can I do this? In the description, I will indicate a link to the original model and indicate that the author of the original model is you.
P.S I apologize for the bad English, I am from another country.
76561198372685183 Dec 10, 2020 @ 3:43pm 
explorer peach, vacation peach and winter peach (fixed) player models