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©σρуяιgнт 2018™ Oяіgіиαℓ ® ™
©σρуяιgнт 5/5/2018™ Oяіgіиαℓ ® ™

Just busy busy busy with work/relationship/traveling

©σρуяιgнт 8/25/2015™ Oяіgіиαℓ ® ™
I'm just a typical guy who likes Anime and Games.
My personal tag line: You like me and I, like you, like me.


:trunk: Trades are welcome!
I can't promise that I will accept but most items in my inventory are up for trade, the only exception to this is foil cards since I collect those.
:trunk: I like to try and keep a manageable friends list.
If I've removed you, it's most likely because we didn't play games together or chat much or your profile is private. Feel free and re-add me if you would like.
:trunk: I'm a fan of comments on my profile.
So feel free to spam the shit out of my comment section with your spicy memes and help boost my comment count with your spam requests.
:trunk: Sometimes I'm Afk or Busy,
If you're messaging me and you're not getting back replies from me then it's pretty obvious that I'm AFK. So please don't bitch and say that I'm ignoring you because it should be obvious when I'm not near my computer. Especially if I have the BUSY/AWAY status. I mean come on it's common sense now.
:trunk: I get very busy time to time.
So don't bitch if I haven't talked to you in a "while." If you have a problem with that then you can come talk to me about it. But I don't necessarily have the time to cater to everyones being. Sucks, I know.
:trunk: If you're going to add me, please be considerate and leave a reason in the comments below.
I get multiple adds daily so it's nice to know in advance what you're adding me for. I tend to only accept users who have public profiles and people who I know/have played together with in a game. Keep that in mind if I've been online and haven't accepted you yet.
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👌 Dukhat 23 hours ago 
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PhD in Memeology Jul 18 @ 1:12am 
The year is 1943. Your squad is in one of the last usable tanks. Kraut battle cries are heard in the distance. You don’t know what they mean, but you know their intention.

As your right-hand man is loading the shell, a Panzer tank fires and cripples your tank’s starboard. Your battle partner drops the shell out of his cold hands, and as you look up you see a steel rod going directly through his solar plexus; the very same steel that was supposed to stop the rapid invasion of Nazi Germany.

Your arm is broken. But, you hear a clank close by. You pry yourself out of the tank, and you see a soldier with a wrench lightly tinking the side of your tank. All of the sudden, your tank immediately becomes factory-new and fully operational.
【Nev】 Jul 17 @ 2:16pm 
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Watson Jul 17 @ 6:29am 
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Watson Jul 16 @ 2:40pm 
Spam is heresy. The answer is EXTERMINATUS :redwiz::chaos_star: