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PLEASE PUT YOUR REASON FOR ADDING IN THE COMMENT SECTION, IF YOURS ISNT VALID OR YOU NEVER COMMENTED YOU WILL BE DECLINED, THERE ARE NO 2ND CHANCES. On top of that please don’t add me for the following reasons: Trading, SFM help specifically (as if that’s all you want), begging, attempting scams, or for drama reasons (for example, unfriending someone on my friends list) and all of these rules go with all of my different types of media (Steam, Discord, Reddit, etc).

get xded on nigga
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HELLO GAMER                                      ⎯ ❐ ⤬
Very Important:

I've been recently (as of March 16th) hijacked, scammed, and locked out of my Steam account. So although I got my account back, I lost about 115$ CDN worth of items, so its best to not trade with me at the moment due to me struggling with some issues. Unless you are here for a commission, I can still do those.

The Basics:

- The definition of a Canadian Stereotype

- TF2, CoD Zombies, Overwatch, and SFM Tryhard

- Shitty Retired GMod Server Moderator

- Professional ass eater

- I like SFM lighting

- SFM wise I'm known for movie posters, especially "INFERNO" and INFERNO II"

My Other Accounts:

-Epic Games (I play ALOT of Fortnite): RuffiandoesSFM

-Reddit: RuffianSFM

-Discord: Ruffian#4065

-Discord Server: https://discord.gg/R98MhAz

-Tumblr Blog: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/ruffiansfm


I don't do these often, and I do tend to close them every once so often because I get bored of it, but when its open, make sure yours follow these:

- TF2

- Full Detail

- If you post it, give credit (Will have your and my watermark).

- Not over complex, yes some complexity can be fine but will change the price but here’s an example: asking me to add things that aren’t even in SFM, because they’d be way too hard to do.

- Unsequenced, because I hate sequences.

- I don't take NSFW requests.


All of them vary in price depending on the complexity.

- A Profile Picture = 20 ref

- A Full Scale Portrait = 1 key

- A Full Poster = 2-3 keys

- Workshop item thumbnails, and Saxxy/Regular video lighting = Free! (I need to be credited somewhere though like put in the Authors.)

My Status and what they mean:

- Online: I'm here! Feel free to talk to me if you want.

- Away: I'm not there, its either I'm AFK or I'm doing something else.

- Busy: I may tend to use this, because at certain times I tend to get busy.

- In Game: If you try to message me, I won't respond, until I'm actually done.

- Looking to trade: I never use this.

- Looking to play: I also barely use this, I'm usually just invited or asked instead.

- Offline: I'm not there, I'm usually sleeping at that time.

The Best of my Friends List:
ok, this is epic

-Ruu: The owner of a Gmod server that I was a mod for, I've been going there since the beginning!

-daniels: He changes his name so often that I’m too lazy to constantly change my bio, he's probably my best friend on my friends list though.

-Angel2B: Just about everybody I meet are mercy mains.

-BlueBerryPieBoy: Take your hat off to this man, he was battling depression and cyber bullying, before he couldn't take it no more, and has recently commited suicide, I bow to him.

-Daliwink: dis boye gay

-twitch_: baby punter porn hunter

-Bonkle: the baby being punted (nah jk he’s a cool guy)

-Cloaker: the witness

If you're looking to play with me:

If you want, ask me if you wanna play something! You'll normally see me on TF2 or Overwatch.

If you wanna play with me on Overwatch, my Battletag is Ruffian#11745, with my PSN going as HappyChaos206.

Goals on Steam:

[X] Get a Bill's Hat

[X] Get top artwork of the week on SFM

[X] Get a Max's Severed Head

[X] Get an Unusual

[X] Win an SFM competition

[ ] Get an Australium

Stupid Chat Stuff
🍁Ruffian🍁: if you fucc tracer and nut in her, if she recalls does your nutt go back in yo dicc
🍁Ruffian🍁: what am i saying
🍁sanchez🍁: LMOAO

16:59 - Angel2B: No life = No Internet
16:59 - Angel2B: No Internet = No Overwatch
16:59 - Angel2B: No Overwatch = no R34
16:59 - Angel2B: Slit wrists = no fap
16:59 - 🍁Ruffian🍁: Fuck
16:59 - 🍁Ruffian🍁: Cant beat to dva or mercy

ᵃˢᶜ⁽³⁾ᶰᵈᵉᵈ: hey totally not a trap wanna fuck

🍁Festive Ruffian🍁: im kermiting sewerslide
bjark: i feel bad for you

Zestalicious - Last Wednesday at 4:03 PM
Ruffian - Last Wednesday at 4:03 PM
Zestalicious - Last Wednesday at 4:03 PM
Ruffian - Last Wednesday at 4:03 PM
Zestalicious - Last Wednesday at 4:03 PM
Ruffian - Last Wednesday at 4:03 PM
Zestalicious - Last Wednesday at 4:03 PM
Ruffian - Last Wednesday at 4:03 PM
Zestalicious - Last Wednesday at 4:04 PM
Ruffian - Last Wednesday at 4:04 PM
Zestalicious - Last Wednesday at 4:04 PM

4:16 PM - 🍁Ruffian🍁: ***BLOCC***
4:17 PM - 🍁Ruffian🍁: no jk ol
4:17 PM - 🍁Ruffian🍁: lol
4:17 PM - CrazyPolarBear: NO YOU CANT
4:17 PM - CrazyPolarBear: DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM
4:17 PM - 🍁Ruffian🍁: someone whos impossible to block
4:18 PM - CrazyPolarBear: Well
4:18 PM - CrazyPolarBear: yea
4:18 PM - CrazyPolarBear: that too
4:18 PM - 🍁Ruffian🍁: god himself
4:18 PM - CrazyPolarBear: did
4:18 PM - CrazyPolarBear: did oyu just
4:18 PM - CrazyPolarBear: type
4:18 PM - CrazyPolarBear: God
4:18 PM - CrazyPolarBear: without
4:18 PM - CrazyPolarBear: capital
4:18 PM - CrazyPolarBear: letter ?
4:18 PM - CrazyPolarBear: What in the Lord's name did you just say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in Ministry school, and I have over 300 confirmed conversions. I am trained in the Baptist religion and I'm the top missionary in the entire Christian world. You are nothing to me but another infidel. I will teach you the word of God with the largest gospel choir that has ever been seen, mark my words. You think you can get away with rejecting Christ? Think again, sinner. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of pastors and priests across the USA and you're going to be forced to accept Jesus as your lord and saviour, so you better prepare for your baptism, sir. The baptism that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call atheism. You're Christian soon, sir. I can teach you anywhere, anytime, and I can preach in over seven hundred languages, and that's just off the top of my head. Not only am I extensively trained in reciting the bible from memory, but I have access to the entire literature of the Archdiocese of the Americas and I will use it to its full extent to bring you into Christianity, you little atheist. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your heresy was about to bring down upon you, maybe you wouldn't have challenged the existence of God. But you couldn't, you didn't and now you're paying the price, you goddamned sinner. I will teach Christianity all over you and you will drown in it. You'll be a believer soon, kiddo.
4:18 PM - 🍁Ruffian🍁: uh oh

Bonkle - Today at 1:44 AM
>Makes porn
>RuffianSFM - Today at 1:44 AM
nsfw model when
Bonkle - Today at 1:45 AM
Agent Gunn gets gang bang from all the mercs...
>RuffianSFM - Today at 1:45 AM
if someone paid me to do it
id do it
Bonkle - Today at 1:45 AM
$20 is $20
>RuffianSFM - Today at 1:45 AM
well yes it is
id do it for 5
Bonkle - Today at 1:46 AM

7:38 PM - ok: ok
7:38 PM - 🍁RuffianSFM🍁: ok
7:38 PM - ok: ok
7:38 PM - 🍁RuffianSFM🍁: ok
7:38 PM - ok: ok
7:38 PM - 🍁RuffianSFM🍁: ok
7:38 PM - ok: ok
7:38 PM - 🍁RuffianSFM🍁: ok
7:38 PM - ok: ok
7:38 PM - 🍁RuffianSFM🍁: ok
7:38 PM - ok: ok
7:38 PM - 🍁RuffianSFM🍁: ok
7:38 PM - ok: ok
7:38 PM - 🍁RuffianSFM🍁: ok
7:38 PM - ok: ok
7:39 PM - 🍁RuffianSFM🍁: ok
7:38 PM - ok: ok
7:39 PM - 🍁RuffianSFM🍁: ok
7:39 PM - ok: ko
7:39 PM - 🍁RuffianSFM🍁: ok
7:39 PM - ok: fck
7:39 PM - ok: FUCK
7:39 PM - 🍁RuffianSFM: lol
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