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Unfortunately, games no longer seem to play a big part in my life. On the odd occasion I do play games, Garry's Mod, Half-Life, Just Cause and Call of Duty are among my favourites.

Owner of Animated Profiles, a community for people to share their animated artwork. I'm always happy to provide help, feedback and useful suggestions on your newest profile/artwork. Want to join Animated Profiles? Drop a comment below, and if your profile meets the group's requirements I'll be sure to invite you! Visit the group before applying to read the rules.

I also love to be creative! A while ago I set up a small design services offering custom avatars, artwork showcases, logos etc, but I currently don't have the time to run it, although I do make exceptions from time to time. You can still view my portfolio here, and reviews here.


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Desktop used primarily for editing with programs such as Photoshop, After Effects and also gaming.

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:mana: Photoshop CC
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:ppchampion: Steam Level 100
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Thanks for visiting my profile!

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Garry's Mod is one of my favourites games if not my favourite. What I love most about it is, if you can think of it you can probably do it for example attaching a missile to a bus and watch it explode high up above you or just walking around as a chicken. With more than 430,000 mods on the Steam Workshop for Gmod. The variety in this game is huge to say the least. When I'm not experimenting with missiles I'm on a role-play server madly chasing a rebel in a stolen car try to get my car that's been stolen back.

For the price of £5.99 (cheaper if its on sale which it often is) you can't really go wrong with this game.
I now have over a thousand hours game time and would highly recommend it to everyone its amazing!
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