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Mike Smith Mar 7 @ 11:04pm 
Thank you. Thats very helpfull, and the path I will take.
AGS | Refleax Mar 7 @ 2:50pm 
@Mike Hello! Make sure to have at least 8 Gigs of ram to be on the safe side then invest the rest of your budget on a CPU.
Mike Smith Mar 7 @ 9:57am 
Quick question NAW specific. Whats best. more memory or faster CPU? thanks :)
Plunderbus Feb 21 @ 3:40am 
ill play if the game guns is somewhat accurate past 10 feet. i have a real pipe shotgun like from youtube and double musket ball homemade loads r more acurate then some the guns in your game lol
Plunderbus Feb 21 @ 3:39am 
is your games guns more acurate now? because when i played like 6 months ago they were no where near as accurate as actual black powder guns.
King Harlaus Feb 12 @ 10:17pm 
Refleax are you the lead developer or the person who came up with the idea for holdfast?