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As for any review, spoilers ahead!

Fallout New Vegas is a game where you leave home, destroy a nation, and while working your day job, are brutually executed with a bullet to the head.

But that wouldn't make a very good story, so you survive. You hunt down your killer, and while on this path discover the story of Cesaer's (The new one, ki-czar) first legate and his struggle for absolution. You encounter a member of a surviving chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel hell-bent on riches and vanity. After braving the aforementioned and then some mad scientists that lobotomize you, you will have to face your carbon copy-- and he intends to make you pay for your former life. Whether you express remorse for what you've done (by accident or otherwise), you may choose to duel to the death or fight against the toughest of the world's savages.

You get nukes. Are you the savior of the new world, or does America bathe in nuclear fire again?

There's a lot to do in this game, and every time you think that you've found everything in it, you can pick it up and find something new. That's the charm of a good fallout game-- No matter how much you pick it apart, you will always be able to find another shred of enjoyment in exploring and re-exploring.

I didn't want to write a review until I perfected this game, and judging by the fact it took me nigh-5 years to get all the achievements and explore the world completely, I'd say that it's very worth it's money.

...The hardest part of this game wasn't getting into it, it's letting go.

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