matt saton
matt say-tahn [he/him]   United States
I owned two servers. End of bio.

"I'm a man of my word, Q! I gave you an opportunity, and now I move on. I'm a businessman! On a further note, I formally invite you to be an operator at the next HL2RP server I will create. You'll have to drop the soyboy attitude, but other than that, good luck with your things. There's a high chance your server will fail at expanding, so I heavily advise you just stick to small RP."

Unknown Voice says "Jessica didn't have me in an attic? She me-- er, something else."

[OOC] CCA.C17-GRID.i3.26594: yeah, sorry, i'm not going to take the consul hostage
[OOC] CCA.C17-GRID.i3.26594: on a grid i3

CCA.C14-HELIX.EpU.33698 radios in: "Jesus christ, he's ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ himself."
CCA.C14-HELIX.EpU.33698 yells "<:: GET THE ♥♥♥♥ OUT OF HERE. ♥♥♥♥ SOMEWHERE ELSE. ::>"

[A standard Civil Prot...] says "<:: Whas' good, gutterpunks? ::>"

Jasg Redwood says "Why are there so many bananas."

[An Irish-American male, with noticeab...] says "You all got a request device?"
[A Civil Protection unit distinguished...] says "<:: You need one? ::>"
[An Irish-American male, with noticeab...] says "Yeah."
[A Civil Protection unit distinguished...] says "<:: Ask another unit. ::>"
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matt saton Mar 29, 2023 @ 4:05pm 
Holy hell I never responded to you, I’m so sorry. I thought I did. No, I closed it in October-Novemberish, sadly.
Faxeless Dec 11, 2022 @ 4:34am 
Hey man! Are you still owning that server?
matt saton Nov 11, 2021 @ 8:15am 
you too.
armycube Nov 10, 2021 @ 9:37am 
Oh alright, Have a nice day.
matt saton Nov 10, 2021 @ 9:36am 
Sorry, I can't say I am.
armycube Nov 10, 2021 @ 9:05am 
One question, Are you able to make playermodels?