If anyone knows someone who thinks that their friend knew anyone that knew me, he's mocking you.Seriously.

Writer of the Bonk Helm hat description.
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维拉 ❤ Jan 15 @ 2:53am 


:ListRing: Signed by: Bëh :em_heart:
tozeleal Jan 1 @ 9:04am 
Great dude to play with :grinningpolice:

-Honest :senpai:
-Doesn't Rage in games :avgnmad:
-Calm :coolrom::burgzone:
-Loves WWE :bagFace:
MikkelTMA Oct 31, 2017 @ 1:23pm 
PrO-bOy, Protecter of doors mother of keys the heart of the Raging Retards
Baldake Mar 23, 2015 @ 5:19pm 
There is no greater love than the love a furred Beast. It's lucious coat touches gently on your skin. It's masculine musk sensualizes the very air you breathe. The hard hooves pounds on the floor. It's loud sharp clop entices you. The red shiny head of the penile organ shows it's desire to make beastly love to you. The hard thrust of the Beast excites every part of your rectum. It;s muscles tighten with every thrust. You can feel it's sweat dripping down it's fur. It's semen is thick yet you feel comfort in it's warmth. You orgasm in pure animal lust. Waves of pleasure surges through your body. You are now complete. You are now a furry.
Baldake Mar 23, 2015 @ 5:19pm 
When a girl gets a vibrator, it's seen as a bit of naughty fun.BUT when a guy orders a 240 Volt FuckMaster Pro 5000 blowup latex doll with 6 speed pulsating box, elasticized anus with non-drip semen collection tray, together with optional built in realistic orgasm scream surround sound system, he's called a pervert!
★☆Gavin☆★ Mar 19, 2015 @ 1:59am 
Loves Fag Cheese