🐧 Call me Logic 🐦   Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
:csgoglobe: --🔞 Youtube 🔞-- :csgoglobe:

:csgoglobe: --📝Quotes📝-- :csgoglobe:

:RedStar: Your here cuz, U Mad Bro? :RedStar:
:RedStar: They call me Logic ,Motherfucker better know the Name :RedStar:
:RedStar: All i got is money on ma Mind, No Time for 'dis Haters! :RedStar:
:RedStar: Look, I don't wan' talk 'bout these hoes Let's talk about Money! :RedStar:

:csgoglobe: --🔪Trade History🔪-- :csgoglobe:

From Gut Knife Vanilla
to Karambit Marble Fade FN
and back to
No Knife

:csgoglobe: --👌Big Thanks to👌-- :csgoglobe:

:csgox: Sorrow who told me some Tricks to succeed while Trading!:csgox:
:csgox: Kretze #g who helped me to to make a lot of Profit!:csgox:
:csgox: Ikki for being a really good Mate to play with!:csgox:
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