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I Collect #81 and Level 81 in TF2

If you have anything Level or Craft # 81 add me (please leave a comment) and I most likely will buy it if I have the keys to spend and I don't already have one
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ConorMcgregor Jan 15 @ 7:54pm 
I was interested in the mancers but already sold, i forgot mb
MeFigaYoma Jan 13 @ 3:13pm 
actually I have a new idea. since I have no particular attachment to 81 (except that I've had it for a few years), I'll swap it for any other low craft of the same hat that still has crafter's name on it + 1 key
MeFigaYoma Jan 13 @ 2:56pm 
to clarify, I like the hat, I actually wear it on engineer, and it's not just sitting in my bp forgotten. if I am to lose it, I should like a replacement that I like more, which is what I told you.
MeFigaYoma Jan 13 @ 2:49pm 
its value is whatever I'm willing to exchange it for. if I wanted to get rid of it, I would list it for a number I think it would go for, but remember, I'm not trying to get rid of it. you added me out of the blue, and I'm perfectly happy to keep it for the foreseeable future, so the number is higher.
MeFigaYoma Jan 11 @ 9:59pm 
at this time, no
MeFigaYoma Jan 11 @ 6:22pm 
fair enough, I'll keep it then. I doubt anyone else is going to spontaneously offer on it, so I'll probably still have it in case one of us changes his mind at some point.