I like to no-dmg bosses   Chester, Virginia, United States
"As long as you're not dead Fred"
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The Boss Of Passion'e Jul 11 @ 11:44am 
+rep plays the funny zombie game with me
ewan Jun 14 @ 2:15pm 
Added to ask if u r selling ur strange exo family business
Richter Belmont May 29 @ 1:52pm 
Sorry bro I was clearing out my friends list and accidentally unadded ye, gonna add you back if that's aight
[BMTF] Banan man Apr 26 @ 9:31pm 
Added for cheet sheet. Sent an offer but sending a request in case you'd like to discuss
YaBoiAntEater Apr 1 @ 10:25pm 
+rep Poggers
Ham Mafia|Chloe Mar 9 @ 12:32pm 
You did it?