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July 29, 2008
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GmodTech 29th July 2008 - 28th December 2018.
It is official.
We will be shutting down our servers for the last time on 28th December 2018. It was a good run.

As expected we never really recovered from the IP change with the number of people joining down 80%, which in turn is effecting the Advert revenue which is also paying much less per hit than before. It's not not a question of money any more, the player base has now gone. I will however take a full backup of everything so should one day someone want to revive GmodTech they could.

For now though, I'll go over what will happen with each of our various parts.

:sticky: The servers :sticky:
The servers will close for the last time on Friday 28th December 2018 at 8pm UK time. I think the most appropriate thing to do would be to host a farewell party on the Hotel server, where we can end the server will a traditional server crash nuclear strike. :moab:

Keep an eye on the events page for when the events will actually be. I should say that the exact time of the shutdown may change as I am likely to have family over during the Christmas period, so I may change the time to make sure I am on the server for the end.

:sticky: This Steam Group :sticky:
I am going to take a leaf out of another servers book, so to speak. When I first started playing TF2, one of my earliest haunts before I ended up with GmodTech was on "Knights Social Club", which was run by a guy called 'Knight'. Now his group also fizzled out after he joined the police IRL, but he kept the group open so that people who met there could still keep in contact with each other.

I will update the group description to highlight the fact we are / will be a dead group with no more servers running. I will also look again at the permissions of the group to see if some of them may be relaxed or tightened up. Bots are still a thing and I don't want this group to become a spamming ground for bots and for any conversations to get lost in that.

If you have an opinion you want to share about this, then let me know in the comments. Any changes I make won't be until the servers have been shut down.

:sticky: The Discord Server :sticky:
The Discord server[] will continue to exist just like the Steam group. In time however the Discord may get closed down if that too becomes empty. Provisionally I am thinking that should it drop to less than 20 members then I will delete the server.

:sticky: The Website (or what's left of it) :sticky:
All that is left of our website now is some old backups I have on disk, and the Sourcebans page. As we won't be running servers any more there won't be any need to run that page any more, which for many players will mean they no longer have old bans showing up when they Google their SteamID.

:sticky: Other places :sticky:
  • The Facebook page will be updated to match the Steam group description, noting we are a dead group.
  • The Youtube channel will remain as is, though I may post a final video reflecting this announcement. Comments will get locked down completely.
  • The listing will get removed
  • The GameTracker Clan will be updated to reflect the Steam group description.
The End
How the hell do you finish of an announcement like this? I suppose all I can say it has been quite the journey. It's going to be weird not having GmodTech around, at least not as it used to be.

:tcry: :KOh: :facepunch: :steamsad: :spycon:

Partial server outage [Updated]
Merurururururu Dec 3 @ 4:10am 
Strange server isn’t happening. That server’s already closed and the others are following shortly.
Abyss Sans Dec 3 @ 3:52am 
25days left for what plus im waiting for the stranges server
Nikoplays0910 Dec 3 @ 1:19am 
25 days left
The Doctor Dec 2 @ 1:08pm 
Nikoplays0910 Nov 30 @ 11:34pm 
Lol what am I saying?
Nikoplays0910 Nov 30 @ 11:33pm 
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July 29, 2008
United Kingdom (Great Britain)