I like comfy things.

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Cutest most petite little medic kitten around :balloonicorn:
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I lost my friend's ball
my friend and i loved playing with balls. we used to play with them everyday, all the time.
my friend had ordered 2 new balls for us to play with from amazon. oh man. they were THE perfect kind. rubbery and stretchable.
we live in the same apartment so we keep doing sleepovers. we were casually playing catch-catch on our sleepover and i got this tendency to smell the balls and they smelled, majestic, in fact the odour couldn't keep me back from licking balls and covering the whole thing with my saliva.
my friend told me to stop licking his balls but i just couldn't stop. he was speaking too much; i got angry so out of rage i crushed his balls and threw it out of the balcony.
TLDR: i feel sorry for losing my friend's ball.