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I'm a reviewer of NSFW games who have been doing this for well over 2 years. I usually write about the extra spicy kind of games, but I never say no to giving fanservicey games a shot.

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More often than not, the first thing that pops in anyone’s minds when they think about adult games is visual novels, games made in RPG Maker, or cheap shovelware trash. Third Crisis differentiates itself from the rest by including erotic content in a tactical RPG, and it’s a good one to boot.


- Well-written story with multiple routes
- Solid gameplay
- Beautiful art
- Loads of content
- The devs update the game periodically


- It takes quite a bit to start up.
- Some scenes use placeholder art

Third Crisis follows Jenna “Vibe” Wright, an AIRSHIP agent who is on a mission to rescue her girlfriend, Karen, from the clutches of Peitho. The mission goes awry, and she ends up in the lust-ridden town of Carceburg. Now she’s forced to adapt to her new circumstances, or else she might succumb to lust.

Frankly speaking, the story is excellent. Not only the concept itself is good, but also its execution is top-notch. It also keeps a perfect balance between a serious tone and silly moments that act as comedy relief. Furthermore, the writing of the cast is on par with the quality of the plot. They are very likable, and their motivations, as well as their backstories, give them more depth.

Like in most games with corruption elements, there are different routes one can follow depending on the main character’s perversion levels. Besides, some of them require you to perform specific tasks to unlock them. By the way, I liked how they portrayed Jenna’s fall from grace in 2 of them. At first, the changes in her behavior are very subtle but, as the plot progresses, she changes more and more until she becomes a shadow of herself.

You should be aware it features some scenes with degradation and humiliation, so avoid the optional events in the town hall and the dark alley (or stick to the pure route, just to be safe) if you are too sensitive to this.
Third Crisis’s combat system is similar to most Tactical RPGs out there. You pick a unit, move it on the map, attack the enemy, or use any skills at your disposal. The main difference between your everyday TRPG and Third Crisis is the lack of a level system. I like this a lot because it forces the player to carefully plan their strategies instead of brute-forcing their way to victory, especially on boss battles.

Not everything is fighting and kicking your foes’ ass, though. The game includes some well-implemented stealth segments where you’ll have to sneak past guards or infiltrate enemy buildings as if you were Solid Snake himself (the clap of your butt cheeks aren’t going to alert the guards, though =P). Occasionally, getting caught means game over, but usually, it has consequences for Jenna.

Additionally, you’ll be available to play some minigames in the course of the game. Some of them are erotic, as everyone would expect, but others aren’t. The former consist of controlling Jenna’s movements during different sexual actions, be it deepthroat, having sex through a glory hole, or a spitroast, while the latter consist of a drink mixing game and a rhythm game. Most of the minigames are entertaining, with the rhythm one being my favorite, but the deepthroat minigame is a tad troublesome due to how hard it is to control Jenna’s movements.

If I had to describe the game’s art in one word, it’d be gorgeous. The characters and the interface’s design are stunning. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s an impressive amount of spicy content available: about 150 unlockable pinups and over 90 scenes, of which half of them are animated.

That said, a few scenes use placeholder art. By itself, this is not a bad thing since the game is in early access, and it’s very likely the devs will replace it as soon as the final art is ready, but you should keep this in mind before playing it.
The soundtrack is good. Each of the songs fits with the setting and the mood of the scenes. My only gripe is the use of the same track for normal and boss fights. I have no problems with the song itself, but giving boss battles a different one would make said fights more impactful (especially in the second fight against Wildfire).

Bugs & Issues
Most games in Early Access have some problems, and this one is no exception. While there are no game-breaking bugs, you may find some overlapping art or a typo here and there. The worst I found is how long it takes to initialize. I timed it, and it takes about 30 seconds to load the main menu when the game is installed on a traditional HDD. Loading it from an SDD speeds up the process a bit, taking 20 seconds instead of 30 to do so, but it's still far from ideal.

On the bright side, the game is far from being abandoned. The devs are actively working on it, fixing any bugs they find and releasing new versions every month with new content. Furthermore, they added a console in the game that is very useful in the rare case something unexpected happens, and you get soft-locked.

The game is a bit rough around the edges, but its overall quality far outweighs its problems. If a Tactical RPG with a great story, solid game mechanics, and stunning art is what you’re looking for, give this one a chance. You won’t regret it.

This review has been brought to you by the Lewd Games Reviewers. Interested in more saucy games that raise... err… the room temperature? Then check out and subscribe to my blog[] and follow my curator page. It'd make me extra happy if you do ^^
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Worth the wait
Dungeon Town is the most awaited game released by Kagura Games and also a bit different from what the publisher usually releases. After playing it for a few hours, I can say it’s the best game they’ve released so far.

- Excellent gameplay
- Decent story with lovable characters and multiple endings
- Beautiful art
- Pleasant soundtrack

- The sound effects in the sex scenes are off-putting

The game puts the player in the shoes of Zeno: an adventurer hired to defeat the succubus that has been sucking every male adventurer’s levels and thus interfering with the exploration of the local ruins. While the story isn’t deep, it’s quite enjoyable, and the interactions between the characters give room to funny and lighthearted moments. That doesn’t mean it’s all rainbows and sunshine, though. It gets a bit dark at times, and its mood gets more somber near the end.

On another note, the story has multiple endings that can be unlocked by picking some specific choices through the game. The best part is you’re told when a choice would open a new route or lead to a bad ending, so you can make a new save before taking a choice.

What I like the most about the game is the number of unique features it includes and how well they work together.
Explore deep into the ruins and grab the treasures in it
Exploring dungeons in this game is, in a sense, similar to other dungeon crawlers like Digimon World 2. Each floor has its paths hidden, and you have to walk through them to discover the different parts of the dungeon and move to the next floor. Furthermore, some actions like moving between floors, running away from enemies, and using map skills consume AP, and you can’t advance anymore once it reaches 0. Enemy encounters are avoidable for the most part. Foes are visible on the map, and they move every time you take a step in any direction.

Get ready, Stupid Dog. Those quests won’t complete themselves
Quests are a staple in RPG games, and this one is no exception. It features two types of quests, tavern and partner quests, which differ on what you have to do to clear them. The former is the standard one where you have to bring a specific quantity of a requested item, and you’re rewarded with money when you clear them. The latter requires you to do specific actions with your partner—like exploring a specific number of dungeon floors with them, spending X amount of money in their shops, having sex with them once, and so on—and you get bonus stats and new skills for your partner once you complete them.

Time to beat monsters!
The game’s battle system is different from the typical one you can find in most HRPGs. You can pick any of the weapons you have in your inventory every time you attack instead of sticking to the one you have equipped. However, weapons get some degradation every time you use them, reducing the chances of landing an attack if you use them too many times. They repair themselves little by little whenever you use a different one, though.

Boss battles are also different from your regular fights. Each of them, as well as any other sexual encounter in the game, consists of sex battles in which you have to talk to your opponent and perform specific actions to improve the mood and make sex moves available. Furthermore, some boss battles border on being puzzle bosses. They are either very hard or downright impossible to beat if you fight them head-on, and you need to find alternate ways to beat them.

Another different aspect of the combat system is how skills work. There are only four slots available, and having more than four skills means the ones you can use will vary every turn. However, you’re also able to disable the skills you don’t need anymore, so you can increase the chances of getting the skills you want. As for how you get new ones, progressing in the game will make them available to buy in different stores instead of learning a new one after reaching a specific level. Moreover, you can also upgrade the ones you already own by spending the SP you get for clearing partner quests.
Getting frisky with your partners
Not everything in this game is slaying monsters. Failing to escape will initiate Intimate Mode on occasion, giving you the chance to calm your partner down and get her horny if you play your cards right. Each partner has a higher affinity for some type of actions over others (some prefer talking while others enjoy a more physical approach like hugs, head pats, and the like). Performing a type of action frequently raises their affinity to it and, the higher their affinity to each action is, the higher the level of their skills is.

Raising your partner’s arousal allows you to have sex with them at night once you leave the dungeon, though you need to reach a certain point in the story to bed some of them. Nevertheless, getting them hot and bothered when you plan to explore the dungeon further is a bad idea because they make fighting monsters harder when they are horny.

What do you mean I’m back to level one?!
Every night the succubus visits you and gives you the chance to trade your levels for Macca, a currency you can use to buy special potions, skills, unlock sex scenes, or fight any of the bosses you defeated for a second time. However, regaining your levels is far from frustrating. Monsters above your level give you a good chunk of exp, and equipping the right weapons and armor compensates for the level difference.

Artistically, it’s very well done. Both the characters and backgrounds are pretty, and the pixel art used in the dungeons fits the game. Furthermore, it includes some small, animated details like blinking or a breathing effect in the sex scenes to make them stand out even more. The scenes featured in the game are mostly vanilla, with a few non-con scenes here and there used as part of a character’s backstory or to emphasize how much of a bastard a character is.
The soundtrack is nice to listen to and helps build the atmosphere of the scenes. It’s also pretty varied, featuring songs that give a mysterious vibe when exploring the fairies’ forest; gloomy tracks during the darker moments of the game; or jazzy tracks when it’s time to get down and dirty. Moreover, each character has themes fitting with their personalities and backgrounds, like a harpsichord track for the rich, sheltered girl; an upbeat track for the bartender; or a military-like song for the female knight.

Sound effects are a mixed bag. On the one hand, the ones used in battles, menu navigation, and the like are fine, but on the other, the ones in the sex scenes are a bit off-putting and don’t sound like anything sex-related.

Verdict: Outstanding
Dungeon Town is so good it got a spot in my top 10 personal favorites list. All the elements in it complement each other nicely and give the player a superb experience. That said, installing the restoration patch is a must, given how deeply connected the gameplay is to the 18+ content.

This review has been brought to you by the Lewd Games Reviewers. Interested in more saucy games that raise... err… the room temperature? Then check out and subscribe to my blog[] and follow my curator page. It'd make me extra happy if you do ^^

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