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Beat the Gatekeeper.
Unlocked Apr 4 @ 9:21pm

Means of Escaping

Find the Escape Pod.
Unlocked Apr 6 @ 6:40pm


Beat the Reaper automaton.
Unlocked Apr 12 @ 5:14pm

Who Wants to Leaf Forever

Fill 8 material slots with the same type of material.
Unlocked Apr 6 @ 3:30pm

Monster Slayer

Kill 100 monsters of any type.
Unlocked Apr 6 @ 3:56pm

Crown Station

Reach the Crown Station.

Escape the Island

Escape the Island.

Full Load

Fill 10 material slots full of materials.

Gold Medalist

Earn 10 gold level Medals.


Invent 60 recipes.


Light all Campfires on the Island.

Link Towers

Discover and activate all Link Towers on the Island.

Rude Archaeologist

Complete all Tombs on the Island.

Getting Farmer

Grow and harvest 10 plants.

Green Finger

Grow and harvest any 6 different types of plants.

Fish You Were Here

Catch 10 fish of any rarity.

Fishful Thinking

Catch 5 fish of legendary rarity.

Build It And They Will Come

Build 10 structures of any type.

Animal Friend

Feed animals 10 times.

Ark Nemesis

Complete the ark.

Well Well Well

Use all Wishing Wells on the Island.


Travel through all the Rifts on the Island.

Perfect Timing

Open all Timed Chests on the Island.

Shelter Cleaner

Visit all shelters on the Island.

Treasure Digger

Dig up all buried treasures on the Island.

Master of Obelisks

Max out all the Obelisks on the Island.

Myth People

Investigate all the Myth Tablets on the Island.

Fan of Radio

Listen to 50 different radio broadcasts.

Perfect Interest

Complete all Points of Interest on all locations.

Side Hustle

Complete all the Side Quests.

Gear Up

Upgrade 7 Tools to the maximum level.

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