Bee Sauce
Texas, United States
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pfp is of my fursona, done by Hainequem on FurAffinity ^^

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*DEAD* Joe Biden : ♥♥♥♥ YOU BEE
If I tunneled you in DBD I didn't do it on purpose, I just have short term memory problems. Sorry!

I'm pretty shy so I have trouble starting conversations... but that doesn't mean I don't care about you! I love all my friends, so please be patient with me. Please note that if you silently remove me I will never let you back on my friends list, so talk with me first if you plan on doing so! I'd love the chance to make up for something and do better. ^^

RIP MK 9/11/2016 <3

Quote Wall:
"You've pissed me off for the last time, cabbit." - Snowman 2015
"I'm gonna molest you. I want that on record." - Clarow
"I didn't throw, I was a genius. A preemptive genius! Put that on my record." - Clarow
shotgun_spammer42 : all i see is fire and bison shots
cronchy : this game is against god
Zomboy : get ready for piss
*DEAD* thot : I WAS A FOOl
"I can't read pictures..." - Zuzu 2020
*DEAD* Equine Booty : why is bee sauce still alive
"♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ basketball star Michael Jackson over here..." - Lui 2020
"Women... cannot stand bees." - Acorn 2020
franky : bee simp killed me pog
"I'm not in hard mode yet I've only got my inner tube on..." - Acorn 2020
"I killed... murder..." - Acorn 2020
not funy ***** name im not clev : im getting massacred by smug sparkledog avatars
"I'm not like Carl Wheezer from Harry Potter." - Lui 2020
"Be nice. Be happy. Bee Sauce." - Phaze 2020
"When I woke up this morning I thought about when I said I'd finger Bee and I started laughing" - Leo 2020
Prog : we are all bee sauce on this blessed day
"OOG" - Leo 2020
"People on Death Row, they have their last meal, and their last nut." - Chance 2020
"So which one of you is the minigun and which one of you is the microgun in this relationship?" - Zuzu 2020
"My cheeks swell when I approach balls." - Chance 2020
"You don't need bones in the traditional sense." - Groovy 2020
"What if we both went to Hell and we were BOTH sinners... haha just kidding... unless?" - Chance 2020
"Girthquake." - Chance 2020
(On Among Us porn) "If people want to nut to those little spacemen boys, then good for them." - Chance 2020
*DEAD* Hybr1d : pls kick bee sauce
Rem: I'm so disappointed in you.
Rem: Do you know what a raisin is?
Franky: Bee, your inclination for memes is like, on par, with college-aged Tumblr women.
Rem: Wow, you're a ♥♥♥♥♥.
Rem: If there's a good version of a ♥♥♥♥♥, then you're that.
(Looking at my corpse in Phasmophobia) James: Well that was a bit rude, mate.
Redditor : wholesome keanu chungus 100
Notorious G.R.A.N.D.E. : bee sauce has to be one of the scariest things i seen
Retrospect : i see no balance in the auto balance, kirox and bee sauce are still on the same team
jimmy : bee needs to go outside
Rem: ♥♥♥♥♥. I'm gonna go take a ♥♥♥♥ now, good bye.
Pedro: Rem wants his guts powerwashed with ♥♥♥.
Rem: I really enjoy killing people.
SmugBanana : penis is a government conspiracy
"I'm a stupid little man in a stupid little car." - Franky
"Whenever you guys talk about Obama, I just think about Wario." - Pedro
*DEAD* bingus, your beloved : bee sauce i am ending it all tonight
"I have no regard for the life of toads." - Rem 2021
*DEAD* Squishy : you may have killed me but whos covered in fish
"I'm very challenged" - Rem 2021
"I went to Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam. And I was hammered." - Rem 2021
"I can like people I hate. Look at Bee for example." - Rowdy 2021
"So you're gay in your sleep?" - Acorn 2021
"Smarties are just imitation M&Ms" - PuppySky 2021
"Why are you being so normal? This is weird." - Yuki 2021
"You don't seem like you were birthed." - Yuki 2021
"Your gender just seems like... Bee." - Yuki 2021
"If I had a car powered by pee I'd get so much mileage." - Danny 2021
"I can't believe Bee's mom is a Dorito..." - Lui 2021
"I have never deserved anything in my life ever." - Rem 2021
"We've got a breedable gamer in the chat." - Rubles 2021
"Do you think when the Devil tempted Jesus and Jesus said no that temptation would get to him?" - Rem 2021
"We are living in a time of breast milk." - PuppySky 2021
"I don't beg for ♥♥♥♥♥ I only ask 28 times" - Rem 2021
"I should have gone with my instincts but I just went with my butt stinks..." - Rubles 2021
"I'M STUCK INSIDE THE DOG!" - Jasper 2021
"If I have to return one of my stocks I'll kill myself." - Rubles 2021
"It genuinely feels like Rem is being possessed by The Hoes right now." - Zuzu 2021
"Shout out to pissy ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥" - Zuzu 2021

*DEAD* A genuine jar of piss : THATS ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
*DEAD* A genuine jar of piss : I COULDNT REFLECT
salaxars : calm down bro
A genuine jar of piss : ok

Rubles: *boowomp sound effect*
Greenie: It sounds like someone farting into a pillow.

Rem: Would you accept $500 if someone told you to poop on command?
Rubles: Yeah, I'd ♥♥♥♥ my pants for $500.
Rem: What? I never said THAT.

Bee Sauce : I'm going to launch my Nintendogs game tonight
Bee Sauce : And take my Dalmatian for a walk
succy beverage : good for you man
Bee Sauce : I do not want her to miss me any more
Akechi : as you should
*DEAD* ur nintendog misses you : take care of ur virtual animals
*DEAD* ur nintendog misses you : they love u too

Jaypelli : pain
spooky coggy : ♥♥♥♥ off merasmus
weewee : that old man needs some ♥♥♥♥ in his life

QuintManBoy : We'd need 100 men to defeat bee sauce

(TEAM) EraserCat : bee sauce i dont like that sign name bro

The Entire Stallion : javi beats up homeless people
Djrr The Dark God of Lamposts : i do too, youre not special

HamguyIsRad : i still mid the days when defly was the boogy man amogets tf2
HamguyIsRad : miss*

Me: How is biting into a bladder anything like biting into a watermelon????
Yuki: It's full of gushy

Me: Missionary or doggy-style?
Rem: I hate the church.

Bee Sauce : hi dallas
Bee Sauce : do you need a medic bag
*DEAD* dallas from payday 2 : yeah

*DEAD* Doctor02 : my tits need sucked
*DEAD* Avery : same
Buster : yeah
Rem : same
Buster : 'boobies' (my nuts)

(Playing Phasmophobia)
Me: Why is this ghost in the girl's bedroom? That doesn't really sit right with me.
James: He was a bit of a weirdo when he was alive.
Me: I'm gonna go get a video camera.

(TEAM) Bartholomew : bee sauce what the hell is your sign
(TEAM) Wiz, Gamer Lesbian : Ah youve seen it too

Me: Everyone is so mean to me </3
Rem: Have you ever wondered if they have a reason to.

PirPl (Purple): Is bee sauce made of bees or is it made by bees?
milky: it's made FOR bees dummy

*DEAD* ok : ok
Thog : thog

Wei: ♥♥♥♥ math
Wei: All I want is chickens

Yuri: Oooooh... I don't like these wats.
Boutros: I'm sorry, did you just abbreviate water as wats?

Biscuit: I could see you owning an Arby's, Boutros.
Boutros: What the ♥♥♥♥?

Me: If you could level up in life just like in video games, where would you put your next skill point?
Rem: Strength, so I could punch a hole in your head.

(TEAM) Mr.McSaltSalt : so no head?
(TEAM) plantain gaming : why do you gotta make it weird bro

Me: What, you don't like Bert or Ernie?
Rem: No, I always liked the blue guy more... Garnjul.

Mitch McConnel was automatically assigned to team BLU
NotLuke : yo mitch hows it feel to be blue

Me: You've never heard of okra before?
Rem: No, I've heard of Oprah though. The Winfrey one.
Me: As opposed to the... non-Winfrey one?
Rem: Yeah, you know, the web browser.
Me: Do you mean Opera???

Crabmann : yo
Crabmann : I added a spray
Crabmann : bootu cheeks

Jonk Sauce : bee sauce
Bee Sauce : jonk sauce

Bee Sauce : I'm going to turn you into sauce
The Biggest Bee : D:

*DEAD* bunk : ban bee sauce
DEVAZZOR : he dropped the honey

*DEAD* Level 1 Cr
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Added because your sona is dope as hell
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A very saucey FemBee.
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