Rafael "Avid" Eri
Owner of http://pcwfinder.com/ which is managed by the wonderful Penguin:revheart:

This is my steam profile. There are many like it but this one is mine.

How I cry everytime [how.icryeverytime.com]

Want a sign? No problem, just ask me in the comments below.

This guy right here has the potential to achieve anything. This person can do it all, he can get global, he can go pro, he can do any of that. All he needs to do is believe in himself. The biggest difference I’ve noticed between successful people and unsuccessful people isn’t intelligence or opportunity or resources. It’s the belief that they can make their goals happen.

I see, I want, I grind, I get.

Yes this is a thing.

Probably my favorite digital artwork of all time titled "I'm fine" [cdn1.artstation.com]

An Overwatch a day keeps the wallhackers at bay.

xOx : erect report

● NecpSalih : erect ☑ not erect ☐ oyuncusu rapor edildi, rapor numarası 3212286289994842452.

*DEAD* M.B.H. [GER] : erect through smoke

*DEAD* GANGSTER GANG : avid hack !

*DEAD* {LINK REMOVED} : Report for Avid submitted, report id 3242508538190233679

*DEAD* FeneriNeferi : Avid oyuncusu rapor edildi, rapor numarası 3237903525795070049.

*DEAD* poopmeister1 : fucking cheater masteravid


NA only gets out of groupstages after 4th of july till the 9th - Lucifer

Motherfucker... https://gyazo.com/9c1f3173ce07cf9590a6b5a15339520d

[RankMe] Avid (1283) got 4 points for killing Lukshin (1541).
[RankMe] Avid (1284) got 1 point for Headshot.
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added about pwc
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Thanks man, you are awesome :D
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ahaha tell me thx for boost y, glhf next time
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Hey I was on PCWfinder and apparently I should talk to you If I need help so I'd appreciate if you could accept my request so I can PM you
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прими пж в др