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A huge collection of tips, tricks and explanations to ease you into the game... (at this point it's basically the game's inofficial manual.)
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At the time of writing this, I have played Reventure for merely 85 minutes and have only unlocked 22 / 100 endings. Nevertheless, I felt the need to write this right now. I truly believe that my opinion of this game won't change for the worse but I wanted you to know this fact going in.
Update #1:
16 new and hilarious endings later, I still feel the same. Gonna keep you updated!
Update #2:
51 / 100 endings unlocked. I've had my shield melted into my face, my eyes torn out of their sockets and wobbling about after removing said shield, my bones removed from my body, becoming known as "disgusting creature" and I have actively killed the princess. No worries, though, the game told me there are more princesses and there were no witnesses around, so... let's just forget that ever happened. Still loving it so far! TTYL!
Update #3:
77 / 100 endings unlocked. You wouldn't believe the crazy kind fo sh♥t I've seen and done... oddly enough I still have ideas of what to try next and I still haven't gotten bored by the repetition. Note that it's possible and not totally uncommon to unlock shortcuts, so that helps a lot, of course. Also, never play this game for too long at a time, I guess. It excels at short bursts of gameplay.
Update #4:
100 / 100 Endings, 101% completed. I didn't expect this game to pull such a big surprise with the last ending but it was glorious!
Additionally, they now added a Steam Workshop to allow players to create their own player skins and even found a clever way to implement downloaded community skins into the game world.
I can't stress enough how impressed I am with these devs. I'm very much looking forward to what else they're going to make.

Reventure is a comedic 2D adventure with a very retro look and feel, many references and easter eggs, a metroidvania-like progression, a huge, mostly open world with dungeons, shops, villagers... you get the jist of it - it's 2D Zelda!

What sets this game apart, though, is the story: The princess has been kidnapped by the Dark Lord (might be kinda evil, sorry for the spoiler) and you are the unlikely hero tasked with venturing out into the world, defeating the Dark Lord and saving her...


Wait, that's not original at all... oh, right... what sets this game apart, though, is the way the story is told and progresses. You see, as the trailer and the game's description and many reviews have already "subtly" hinted at, this game has 100 different endigs, each of which takes somewhere between 10 seconds and 20+ minutes to unlock. The way you progress through the game is by unlocking a new ending, getting a time-skip (and seeing how many players have gotten this far) and starting all over but with the unlocked endings being canon to your story. The world changes between your runs based on your actions, your character changes based on many of them and you learn many new things about the game's mechanics and world throughout.

The visuals are very simple with a low pixel count but the colors, bloom and other effects are quite beautiful and work surprisingly well. There are some simulated physics, you can pile up corpses and actually walk on them, smash all the little wooden signs, the grass and more and interact with the world in many ways that pleasantly surprised me.

I'm now gonna tell you about a handful of the endings to give you an idea about how this all works. Feel free to skip this section if you want to go in completely blind.

The shortest and most silly ending involves you getting up, leaving your house, tripping over a rock and then returning home in shame. This sets the tone for the game perfectly, as it tries to consider each and every possible outcome and doesn't take itself seriously at the same time. Endings can be anything from falling into lava, killing an innocent but useless old man, stabbing a dead mob too often/excessively all the way to just staying in bed for five minutes.

You can feel free to do pretty much everything but do not expect any ending to play out exactly how you expect it. Heck, despite me killing the Dark Lord twice already, I never actually met him and I never saved the princess. One time the game explicitly told me that she starved to death because I spent too much time fishing.

To unlock new paths and find new areas, you can find and use a multitude of different tools, ranging from a sword and a shield to bombs and a grappling hook, with many more in between. You have to consider, though, that each piece of equipment has some weight, so the more you carry, the more restricted your jumps. This adds an interesting element of tactic to each approach to the world, as you need to weigh the benefits and necessities of certain tools against their effect on your jumps. In order to get to certain places, you need certain tools but taking too many at once will also prevent you from getting there, which increases the replay value for each path immensely.

All in all, this is a very clever and very funny game, that offers many things I will not spoil here, that comes at a very low price. I don't think you can go wrong here, if you
  1. like to feel a bit nostalgic at times and/or
  2. have a sense of humor and/or
  3. are all about explorin' and/or
  4. are looking for some short bursts of gameplay and/or
  5. like cheap stuff and/or
  6. always wondered why you can't just NUKE the villain and/or
  7. are a bit cruel sometimes and/or
  8. are a completionist and/or
  9. ...
... seriously, dude - just buy the damn game already. It's great and cheap and full of surprises.

100 / 10
06 / 10
09 / 10
10 / 10
Replay Value
∞ / 10
~4-40 hours
Length per Session
~10-∞ seconds

Great Game, Buy Now, 11/10.

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