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Hello, Welcome to my Profile. Here are the General Rules if you are considering adding/trading me.

1 - DO NOT add me for no reason! If you are my actual friend you good. But leave a comment or something.

2 - You wanna trade me? Click Here

3- Don't random trade me

4- NO lowballers, don't waste your time I am not doing a discount 40% or more. Regardless of anything...

5- Please Leave a +rep if I was helpful or an honest trading partner :) Thanks.

6- Scammers,duplicate accounts, pretty much anyone who wants my items to be checked on op skins or some stupid obvious scam. Just don't bother, I can clearly see your account is a dupe or your trade is broken. I Have been here for a while don't bother.

7- Invite me to your group and unless you are my actual close friend you are being removed.

Thanks for Reading, Enjoy your day

Bogdan! tradeit.gg Jul 22, 2018 @ 9:39am 
+rep one of the best admins cuz hes active
Mr. Wolf Jun 24, 2018 @ 3:52am 
and no I dont like your unusual
Yoshi Jun 15, 2018 @ 11:11am 
+Rep god player and nice admin
Lily Jun 7, 2018 @ 1:39pm 
Adding you because we played tf2 :o
Shia May 25, 2018 @ 11:24am 
Sent an offer
Velma May 23, 2018 @ 12:13pm 
please check my trade offer