Killing Floor 2 | CS:GO | Rust
Hello, guys! I add everyone who wants to be on my friends list, and those who support my work (buys my skins in the official rust store, clicks Favorite and Yes) will remain on my friends list, but from time to time I clean it and delete those who show me no support, sorry)
High_Solid Oct 14 @ 10:55pm 
+rep :Hand_Shake:
TERUX Aug 21 @ 10:36am 
can you add me?
TERUX Aug 21 @ 10:35am 
your friend told me about you his name is tarvy-
MDemon Aug 21 @ 10:29am 
What for? They won't be accepted anyway
knecke Aug 21 @ 9:14am 
Make some Rust skins for low tier weapons / clothing please, like Burlap clothing.. There are way too few
TERUX Aug 14 @ 10:02am 
Hi, can you add me please?