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EXs VertiCrow Apr 10 @ 8:32pm 
say gex
Minerdiner Apr 3 @ 8:25pm 
Heavy like a Brink's truck
Looking like I'm tip-top
Shining like a wristwatch
Time will grab your wrist
Lock it down 'til the thing pop
Can you stick around for a minute 'til the ring stop?
Please, God :sotfood: :fujimoto:
Surgensquire Feb 26 @ 2:50pm 
best flomf 12/10
[] ƒjøx Feb 23 @ 1:29am 
wait retarded is not sensored? FEUER🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
[] ƒjøx Feb 23 @ 1:28am 
cute fluff, sometimes retarded but can be nice
ROLO UNIQUE Jan 16 @ 11:06am