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v Oct 4 @ 9:08am 
im here to enjoy the drama, keep it up mr.m3pper
 Noah  Oct 1 @ 11:22am 
Lak3 Oct 1 @ 7:26am 
lol did you just seriously come up with an excuse related to some error why your comments are either private or friends only? :-D But it's good to hear that you didn't crash since that turns the tables completely, first you come here accusing me of cheating and crashing people but now for some reason you admit that it was all just a lie. What a nice way of you proving my previous "You are just bad and angry because someone is better than you in a videogame" statement to be true.

It only took this long for you to admit the truth and that all you have said here earlier is just all lies. Why not admit of being a p3dophile as well now that we got this far? I think it just needs a few good fellas to cure you from that disease as well! :)
B0ruK Oct 1 @ 7:24am 
"First of all im not a pedophile which is a false accusation" thats what pedophile would say
m3PPER Oct 1 @ 6:46am 
hmmm sounds like ya need more space on ya pc. well i can imagine since ya living in a 3rd world county that ya dont have the money to do so(Im assuming)... But again im sorry to hear that. well my pc didnt crash i was in the lobby and you where not there? and again i will assume that u crashed. Maybe ya need to update windows 1995. Remember this one is on the house but the next advice wont come cheat ma boi!

Well in regards to my profile ya need to check ya setting... it must be a error 20 or so i think.

Best regards,

m3PPER (President of the steam community)
m3PPER Oct 1 @ 5:13am 
First of all im not a pedophile which is a false accusation nr.1. and nr.2 is that you can clearly see in the video where you show us the magic trick where you crash the server with all the photos of children you have on ya potato pc or whatever is clearly a security breach like the steam team tol me. So from my perspective it’s so cute when you try to talk about things you don’t understand. But hey let the grown Ups talk plz.

Btw why ya deleting ya old comments, ya scared of something ? maybe the police is coming to raid ya little child collection ?

Also I am listening to what ya have to say.But It just takes me a moment to process so much stupid information all at once tbh.

Best regards,

m3PPER (President of the steam community)