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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 2:33am

Literally The Sorriest Cop On Earth

Apologize 10 (!!!) times
Unlocked Jan 5 @ 1:44am

The World's Most Laughable Centrist

Defend the political centre 7 times
Unlocked Jan 3 @ 2:04pm

Baddest Hustler In The Neoliberal Hood

Preach free market for 9 times
Unlocked Jan 19 @ 1:43pm

Il Coppo Del'Arte!

Say 5 Art Cop lines
Unlocked Jan 4 @ 4:05pm

Goodest Of The Good Cops

Really get Kim to trust you

Unbelievably Boring F**k

Say 7 incredibly boring things

Hyperstellar Law Official

Say 7 deranged superstar lines

The Opener Of The Eighth Seal

Warn them of the coming end 8 times

Biggest Communism Builder

Employ critical theory 9 times

Truly Rabid "Traditionalist"

Say 10 "traditionalist" things

Expert Advanced Remote Viewer

See beyond the veil 6 times

Massive Torque Dork

Yack about machines 4 times

The Most Honourable Cop in The Land

Gather 11 honour points

Enemy Of The Physical Realm

Bang up 5 inanimate objects

The Lawbringer

Say you're the law 7 times

Baddest Of the Bad Cops

Hit an all time low with Kim

Recruit Detective Kim Kitsuragi

Precinct 57's finest

The Figurines Won't Win Her Back

They do nothing

Fairweather t-500 Vitreous Enamel 

Suit up. Head to toe.

Venture into the HARDCORE


True Detective

Finish the game in HARDCORE mode

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