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skag_abuser Sep 5, 2023 @ 3:36pm 
Sometimes when Im real angry this ♥♥♥♥♥♥ lets me beat him down with whips and I feel better after. He really is puzzy made and a huge ♥♥♥♥♥♥! Shoutouts to NF for letting me hurt him a good bit!
skag_abuser Mar 8, 2023 @ 2:52pm 
This guy melted through my wall and ask me if I was looking for work. Like obviously not bro who are you
skag_abuser Feb 6, 2023 @ 5:12pm 
- rep this guy is a level 100 douche bag. I asked him to game some Spongebob Squarepants: Batttle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated but he didn't want to so he sent a couple guys to my house to try to intimidate me but I told them to get lost. Eventually they went away and I was able to kick his ass with no further issues. Keep your distance from this guy if you don't wanna put yourself in a self defense situation. Thanks.
skag_abuser Mar 7, 2022 @ 7:06am 
+rep Stole and robbed from this guy with next to no repercussions! He really is soft as butter and very really beddy easy to take advantage of! Made nearly $3k from scamming this dolt alone!
skag_abuser Feb 26, 2022 @ 11:08am 
Saw you had Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem on your wishlist. I can buy this for you in exhange for some labor… You feel me? Send me a pm if youre very interested, yes?
skag_abuser Feb 11, 2022 @ 3:55pm 
-rep saw him speedrun spongebob squarepants: battle for bikini bottom (rehydrated) and he really didnt do very good.