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Jose Antonio Gutiérrez García   Oviedo, Asturias, Spain
I don't accept random adds anymore, if you wanna add me leave a comment first, otherwise I will decline it. If I removed you or you removed me in the past, probably I won't accept you anyway.

I don't RP / ERP anymore with random people, from now on only my close friends are allowed to do. I am sorry, do not take it personally.

I am a veteran CS: GO player, currently playing on Eisen Gaming as support, main rifler and secondary AWPer, also my current rank in game is Master Guardian II. I am the proud owner of Greenish Fury, Mareana Sweetie and Cinnamon Burst. For more information just look the box down below.
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Information about me, my OC's, PC and setup
Welcome to my profile, I am a very peaceful guy who loves to play video games and make new friends. I am the owner of Greenish Fury, Mareana Sweetie and Cinnamon Burst. I only RP and ERP with my closer friends, if you see me playing something be patient because probably I will not answer.

Information about me

In the upper part of my profile I show some information about me, If you want to know something more just check the information about my Ponysona below, because his information is my real information too. If you want to know even more just add and ask me personally, but before add me please check the following rules.

Rules that you must know before add me

1.- Absolutely prohibited give me drama, I will remove and probably block you.
2.- I don't give any items from my inventory for free, if you are going to ask I will ignore you.
3.- You will not borrow any items from my inventory, same answer as before.
4.- Feel free to trade me, but if you try to scam me I will block and report you instantly.
5.- You must respect my online status, check the next part for more information.

Online status that you must respect

Playing: I will not answer because I focus a lot when I am playing or working with something.
Online: If I am free I will answer everyone, you can also ask me for RP or ERP.
Away: I am out of home or sleeping, so probably I will not answer.
Busy: I rarely use this status, but if I use it means that I am busy as it's name says.
Looking to Play: Who the fuck uses this status?
Looking to Trade: No seriusly, who uses this one too?
Offline: If you want to talk with me when I am offline you must feel very lonely then.
Mobile: I am out of home probably working or with friends, so keep calm if I don't answer.

Find me also on this sites

Xbox Live: Inkisidore


Skype: Ask me personally if you want to add me on Skype.
WhatsApp: Ask me personally if you want to add me on WhatsApp.

Best friends of my list, not in order

A lot of people include this shit on their profiles just to make others mad. I think that this section is a fast and easy way to destroy your friendship with others. So no, I will not post anyone here and don't ask me for do it, because for me every friend I have on my friends list is special.

First OC - Ponysona - RP and ERP

Name: Greenish Fury
Age: 26
Birthday: 06/28/1992
Gender: Stallion
Race: Unicorn
Sexuality: Bisexual
Family: Mareana Sweetie, Watersmoke
Relationship: Smiley Beam
Children: None
Job: None
Pet: Turtle

Second OC - Adopted - RP

Name: Mareana Sweetie
Age: 23
Birthday: 05/26/1995
Gender: Mare
Race: Triple hybrid of pegasus, bat pony and cat
Sexuality: Straight
Family: Greenish Fury
Relationship: Dial Liyon
Children: Diamond Harmonia
Job: None
Pet: None

Third OC - Gift - RP and ERP

Name: Cinnamon Burst
Age: 29
Birthday: 10/27/1989
Gender: Stallion
Race: TailMouth
Sexuality: Bisexual
Family: None
Relationship: Winged Whisper
Children: None
Job: None
Pet: None

Fourth OC - Ponysona Variation R63 - RP and ERP

Name: Emerald Fury
Age: 26
Birthday: 06/28/1992
Gender: Mare
Race: Unicorn
Sexuality: Lesbian
Family: None
Relationship: None
Children: None
Job: Thief
Pet: None

My PC and setup (OLD PC)

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 12MB Cache 2.83GHz 1333 MHz FSB
Memory: Kingston HyperX 8GB DDR2 (4 X 2GB)
Graphics: Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 OC 2GB GDDR5
Motherboard: Acer MC72XE NVIDIA nForce 780i / 570i SLI
Refrigeration: Asetek LCLC Water Cooling System
Storage: Western Digital 1.25TB (2 X 640GB 7200 RPM)
Units: Blu-ray, DVD, Multi-Card Reader
Power Supply: Delta Electronics GPS-750AB A 750W 80 PLUS
Chassis: Acer Aspire Predator G7700
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit SP1
Keyboard: Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard
Mouse: Logitech G5 Laser Mouse
Headphones: Vivanco SZ-860 SR 96
Microphone: Woxter i-Mic 2300
Monitor - TV: LG 32LB550B-ZA LED TV HD Ready 32"
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2,900 hrs on record
last played on Dec 16
705 hrs on record
last played on Dec 16
827 hrs on record
last played on Dec 16
ϺΞΤЯΘΉλϺ Dec 11 @ 6:23pm 
thats gooda :3
Inkisidore | #Untaggable! Dec 11 @ 6:22pm 
Not bad at all.
ϺΞΤЯΘΉλϺ Dec 11 @ 7:24am 
What you think of the new csgo game mode :>
ɹǝuᴉɹɐW Nov 29 @ 4:27pm 
But we were all not good at something at some point and got better over time, but the ammount of time it takes to get better differs between people.
KumikoShy Nov 29 @ 12:26pm 
I did use it, but his recolors have no improvment at all, it just looks awful, atlest make it better if you want something to atlest look decent even if its recolor.
Inkisidore | #Untaggable! Nov 29 @ 12:01pm 
@KumikoShy The mobile phone linking and the two step verification is right. About the recolor that he is using, you must know that not everyone has the methods or the money to pay a commission to an artist. Don't you remember that about 4 years ago even you and me were using recolors as well?