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:beatpaddle::beatpaddle::beatpaddle: IF YOU'RE HERE FOR THE FNAF MODELS, PLEASE REFER TO THE FAQ ! ! ! :beatpaddle::beatpaddle::beatpaddle:


Questions? [i6nis.tumblr.com]


Please keep it civil. If you want to add me to your friends list, leave a comment why on my profile. While i do appreciate that you like my models or think i'm an awesome person, that alone is not reason enough for me to add you. I prefer to keep my friends list to actual friends and people i can assist with my skillset. Please do not take it as a personal insult if i refuse your invite.

I usually delete all the comments once they're a week old. Again, don't take this as an insult or censorship. Just keeping my profile clean.

Comments that WILL get deleted:

:yellowbeat: Asking about when Model X comes out
:yellowbeat: Hostile comments
:yellowbeat: Spam comments
:yellowbeat: Comments about things i can't do anything about (Maps, games,...)


When are you releasing the FNAF models?
:bittripcore: The Toymodels are done and released, The Diner models are currently on valve time.

Can you model something for me?
:bittripcore: Sorry but i currently do not have time for that. Modeling, texturing, rigging etc. takes a lot of time.

Help i'm having problems with the FNAF Gmod map
:bittripcore: I only supplied the models, I can't do anything about the map.

Are you gonna make the FNAF4 models?
:bittripcore: Sorry, but i'm currently kinda burnt out on modeling killer mascots, Don't expect any more of those.
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Addon Type: Ragdolls

The Skelebros/Bone Brothers from Undertale, now in your GMod as a functional Ragdoll!

...I got nothing else to say, at the moment.

-Sans (With Fingerposing, F
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Created by - I6NIS, Mister Prawn, and Nibroc.Rock
can you make a fnaf gmod animation called a night at freddy's
Hey, by any chance do you have the v1 RafaModels? I am just asking because the head texture seems like some of the splinks models. And that the RafaModels have a little cylinder for a Endohead which the RafaModels have.
Jerry boy Aug 11 @ 9:34am 
hey i was wondering can u send me the link for the withered bonnie v1 beacause the other v1 link is broken
thank you
neewtonee Jul 25 @ 5:29am 
thx for the fnaf
landguy Jul 12 @ 11:07pm 
You interest me...I wanna go back to the time where you were famous and talk to you about it. Maybe you would remember
good burger employee Jun 26 @ 7:25am 
hello i would like to be your friend i would like to talk about sfm and stuff:steamhappy: