SummerCards SH [2]
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| SummerCards [1] - Trades the special event cards during the summer sale.
| SummerCards [2] - Trades the special event cards during the summer sale.
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Chat Comands
!help : Type !help for more information.

If you would like to buy/sell sets for any other payment methods or discuss the rates please add me on my owner

Now you can see the status of the bot: (available, bot is in a trade right now).

♦ What does it mean?
Now it is easier to track free for trade bots. We hope this will make trades quicker and will decrease amount of error

Bot always rounds in your favour, that is why we ask you to make calculations before trade.
Example calculation:
You buy 5 keys with the set price of 3.2 for the key , get 16 sets. But if you buy for 4 keys, you get 15.8 sets, the bot rounds up in its favor and you get 15 sets.

♦ Why can't I trade?
Make sure your profile and inventory is set to public, also make sure you have no trading restrictions.

♦ What types of keys do you accept?
All CS:GO keys are accepted. In addition, we accept TF2 keys and gems.

Read the full F.A.Q. at discussions.
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