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Octosnake Oct 27 @ 12:03pm 
Hey hey! Love you I&A server, would love to give you some feedback on it if you're up to hearing it.
FuriousiLynx Jul 10 @ 9:25am 
@graphix Great server man keep up the awesome work
[108th][Captain] Blues Jul 3 @ 12:22pm 
I would if i could man but ♥♥♥♥ing battleye doesnt work so of course my ArmA crapped out and i believe we did play on your server atleast once if im not mistaken
Graphix7 Jul 3 @ 8:18am 
@Blues Arma turns out to be one of my favorite games ever for a number of reasons, but most of all, I play a lot of Arma because I run a successful Invade & Annex server on it! Check us out sometime!
[108th][Captain] Blues Jun 30 @ 2:15pm 
oi why are you playin arma so much
Bloodshot Jun 4 @ 2:40pm 
Thank you for getting me Black Mesa maaaaaan :D