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Hoi I am a girl who loves warrior cats and animations, consider me a slight gamer.
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♡FelineSoldier♡ Mar 25 @ 3:50am 
i was pming you things haha it was baaaad
Senti Mar 25 @ 3:49am 
I don't even remember the context
♡FelineSoldier♡ Mar 25 @ 3:48am 
How about deleting that screenshot lmao we don't go into the things that even made me type that
Senti Mar 25 @ 3:46am 
Good question, that I am unable to answer
♡FelineSoldier♡ Mar 25 @ 3:43am 
Depends, what do you have to earn it
Senti Mar 25 @ 3:43am 
How about your respect