Count of Chernobyl   Kyyivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine
If I don't recognize you, I won't accept friend request.
If you want to ask question about Canteen Crasher or Madness vs Machines, go to Potato's MvM Servers group chat, any admin should be able to answer, not just me.

I study physics at uni like a proper nerd and get paid for doing so
I played comp before, so I know... something.
for now I'm judge of contests. real mapping contests.

And I play MvM. (duh)
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Some stuff about me
I played comp

ETF2L : some HL in some Artimek team, never actually won stuff
UGC : mostly Steel but when I played Silver I got to playoffs just to faceplant like a noob I am
and I'm sub in one of silver team so that works Iguess

Oh and I "main" engi.
Sort of.

Other gamez

pAYYday 2
Starjew Valley

and much more just open my owned games
don ac dum


I don't sell.
Just don't.
If I ever want to buy something I'll add you instead when I want to buy that thing of yours.

Q: Can I buy your unusua-
A: No.

Q: But-
A: I said no.

Q: I'll over-
A: No, not even if you overprice it.

I make stuff :
Some maps I made

So there was this one reskin of Decoy that wasn't half bad for bad amateur I am :
TF2M []

And then there was this one CTF that was bashed and I lost interest :
TF2M []

Some other missions I made

Well I can't much into level design (see section above)

So missions, eh?

Everlasting Mayhem [] - endless MvM gimmic, done for like 72hr Jam or something
General Medieval Tie [] - geddit, like GMT? (again 72hr Jam stuff)
Mekanism Malfunction - some Expert Endurance I made for Rottenburg long ago. Guess what, it's back as Searchlights in Madness vs Machines.
Evil Eye - that one mission I submitted for Titanium Tank that got like 0 points [] away from winning. I resubmitted it to Canteen Crasher and it got through. :yoricktheskull:
Qualeafied Treetment - okay, it's punny. Full of memes. I just dare you read the sauce code of it. Collabed for this tour [].
Passchendaele - nothing rattles your will to kill yerself (in-game) than a World War 1 mission, amirite? Also a collab.
Sketchy Swing - all blame Electric Swing Circus and their sCatchy songs. Casino City advanced, go gamble your life away or something

Oh and I like stream here []
like literally once in a blue moon
for like 3-4 viewers or some stuff


Sntr: you gave "use large smoke explosion" to a f---ing burst chief
Nuke: Yes
Sntr: oh my god

[AMvM]The One Of Wonders: madman
Nuke: yes

Nuke : intermemediate?
[AMvM]The One Of Wonders : nuke ffs

ekuN: emem gnivil
42: what
ekuN: sdrawkcab
42: lemmie do this first
ekuN: yako
ekuN: ?os
42: Ok done
42: What is it
42: R U drunk
ekuN: on
42: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ russans
ekuN: lel uoy htiw gnikcuf tsuj m'I
42: Pls

Swordstone: you piece of garbage
Swordstone: i love you

Mince: nuke has a rayshud boner
Nuke: Don't...
Nuke: put it like that
gamerung: then how should we put it
Nuke: that I like rayshud
Mince: yea but every time you see a screenshot with rayshud youre like
Nuke: is just a good hud okay

*DEAD* Jakapoa : fidel custard
Jakapoa : those damn americans are trying to blockade my shipment of vanilla pudding

Delta 🍁: i just ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ typed connect fromthemoon; password

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MoreBuckets! Feb 26 @ 3:57am 
hey i lead a team with you from the past and we talked about certian things can you accept me back?
GoGoShooter Feb 2 @ 2:21pm 
herobrine griefing trolling ep22 Jun 3, 2020 @ 2:17am 
6AniHcsNezAk9 Apr 25, 2019 @ 3:23pm 
So, Count of Chernobyl. Really? I doubt your last name is Chodkiewicz.

The Earth was kindled with terrible fire
And the dark angel struck in the Vault of Holiness
Like hell came out of the Fourth Gate!

Remember, «If you have no respect for this territory in your soul, the Zone will surely kill you, but if your heart is full of sympathy and compassion for this earth and people who put their lives here, then the Zone will not touch you».
_ Feb 12, 2019 @ 9:21pm 
Adding you for MvM stuff
Ciaran Jan 28, 2019 @ 3:22am 
I'm here so I can be introduced into the church of the all-holy C O N Q .