A Good Christian Boy
I am here to purify the aryan race.

>A girl I knew in class was a total attention ♥♥♥♥♥.
>Never arrived to class on time and always made sure to make a huge fuss about it.
>Didn't talk to her all that much, but I had a few conversations with her.

>Her wrists had cuts and burns all over them. She wore t-shirts so she never hid them.
>I asked her why she would hurt herself like that.
>She said "No one loves me and my life is painful" etc., etc.

>"No one loves you? What about your parents or your boyfriend?"
>Answer she gave me was something like "They actually don't love me," or some ♥♥♥♥ like that.
>Made a point to not interact with her too much after that, because she's too much of an attention ♥♥♥♥♥.
>End of the school year, she came up to me and asked if I wanted to go somewhere with her that Sunday.

>I'm not good with these situations, so I couldn't say no, even though I didn't like her.
>Sunday came, and we went to one of those tower car parks.

>Just as we got to the top, she told me that she wanted me to be here as a witness for her suicide.
>"Oh ♥♥♥♥," I thought. She was going to jump and was forcing me to watch!
>Had I known that she was going to do this, I wouldn't have gone with her.
>"Not watching unless you do a flip." I said that to try and shock her into realizing this was stupid.

>Complete shock was written all over her face. She thought I'd try and stop her.
>"E-eh? You're not going to stop me?"
>"No, go on ahead. If you really wanted to live, you'd stop yourself."
>After a while, she got off the ledge.

She walked up to me afterwards and tried to hug me with tears in her eyes, but I told her I loved someone else. She asked me who, and I told her to read the first letter of every line.    
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