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Hewwo ^w^ Welcome to my profile, enjoy the quote below

Only people who've seen it will know what Im quoting, but It's close to what I believe
"In this world, Those who break the rules are scum.
However, Those who abandon their friends are even worse then scum.
And those who don't care about their friend's feelings. Are the worst of scum."

Note: Won't be on as much as before because of my new position,

Only Read this part if you just are interested or wanna talk competitive.
Also, is it odd somepony like me who takes no game seriously wants to try competitive? I dont know but something about it is mind-clearing. Mostly for tf2 but only if asked. Maybe Dota as well.

My Steam Family~ (You guys are really the best <3)

☁Sea Fluff☁: Love of my life~<333 (Never Leave and Never stop being you honey <3)

Dangerously Safe - Brother-In-Arms (You are the best! c:)

♦Froodoo Foozboo - Father (It's amazing that we were connected before we even started chatting. And yet, years later, here we are, together <3)

Aqua (TheWachyDave) "Don't bite me even though I heckin like it" - Mistress (Very kind and gentle~ When you are on her good side..~)

Merrick - Fellow Buggo friend~ (Its so rare to find another buggo!~ so glad to be your friend <3)

Shift - Sister (Sis ^^ <3)

Shining Armor - Close Friend (From Roommate to Best Mate to One of my closest pals, Dear? Don't stop being you, no matter what happens *Snuggles*)

Serperpy - Silly sneky (Slithering all over the place! Hehe x3)

Screwball: Silly filly~ (Silliest, cooky and downright fun person to talk to <3)
More shall be added depending on how I feel about you
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☁Decora Fluff☁ Apr 4 @ 10:49pm 
I swear on god
:/ Apr 4 @ 10:11pm 
yo hop on league
Shift Apr 4 @ 7:25pm 
its obvious they didnt put much thought into what they were typing given they just saw like two things and went "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" and didnt bother to actually use that highly advanced thing called a brain
Haiky. Apr 4 @ 5:44pm 
Imagine playing league of legends
ender Apr 4 @ 5:04pm 
wtf thats gay!!!
☁Decora Fluff☁ Apr 4 @ 4:31pm 
Once he removes the name off his AK and stops lookin like a scammer profile then he'll have a valid argument, even though im already dead. Why else would I have 10k hours lol
You can go back to risk of rain hon