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dr_dekt is a deathrun map that takes place in a snow stage. The first stage is a fully 50/50 trap based stage that is designed to knock most of the players out at the very start. This is mainly designed for many reasons, mainly bei
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:csgox: I am a map developer for games such as Garry's Mod and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I don't do them full time as they take up too much time to create large projects. I have made 3 maps such as "Abandoned_Building", "surf_dekt" and "dr_dekt." My best map creation was the deathrun map called "dr_dekt", it took 2 years to make. I don't make many maps since they take a very long time to create, but I like to call myself a map developer considering the amount of experience I have creating custom maps all by myself.

:csgox: If you wondering why my profile picture is a donkey, it is because I used to be an admin on a server called CompactGamers on a bhop server for Garry's Mod. My name used to be Dankey Donkey, I then shortened it to Dankey and had a picture of a donkey to represent Dankey Donkey. I've had it for years now and I have never changed it since.

:csgox: I don't typically accept friend request's, just not my thing tbh.

:csgox: I like to play mostly Garry's Mod, CS:GO and GTA V.

:csgox: I'm not rich, so if you gift me anything from my Wishlist I will grately appreciate it!

:csgox: I'm usually on Garry's Mod on a deathrun server called NyeBlock. I am a Moderator and have been for around 3 years now. I am the richest person on the server as well as having the most hours and being the highest rank(staff wise and level) on the server!

:csgox: If you send me a friend request, 9/10 I won't accept it. I hardly play with most of my friends anyways on steam since they play other games I don't have. So don't expect me to accept you... nothing personal, just my purpose.

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+rep Nice map, fun guy
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