All I Need Is You And Paradise
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emergency blimp Jun 12 @ 3:01am 
ayy lmao
weeb ass nigga i love u
cleaning friend list my nword, if you wanna play or talk shit just add my ass again
VegetableWater May 21 @ 9:00pm 
Mr.drop i need to go to the bathroom
Fallen Angel May 20 @ 6:43pm 
N-Not there~ At least wait until we finish dinner ahnnn~
VegetableWater May 7 @ 8:56pm 
small world, i apparently commented eat pant like 2 months ago here.
HaPPy BOy LFT Apr 27 @ 10:38am 
A victim of wildeagle12345 Apr 25 @ 5:24pm 
lil haunt, my ghost friend spectral form of my corporeal rage deal damage proportional to the damage i feel deep within my solar plexus destroy the enemies as you yourself have been destroyed and reincarnated as a vengeful spirit, i demand it, i demand blood, your sacrifice will not be in vein, I will sit here as long as is necessary, for you to slay a boss that has not that much HP all things considered but his HP does not outpace the temerity of my rage