If you play RL make sure ( the client for rl is closed otherwise vac thinks it’s a cheat and you will get a ban, if you don’t believe me try at your own risk!
Add only if you are looking to trade or a legend!
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The Dungeon Master Apr 2 @ 5:19am 
feels good man knew u were cheating
✯ᴠᴀʟᴏɴ✯ Apr 1 @ 5:57pm 
Played with this man about a year ago, ditched him because he was hacking and i called him out every game, we played every night day after day. Became best friends but i had to leave him because i did not wanna waste anymore wins playing with him. Goodbye Kenny just surprised it took you this long to get banned. I hope you excuse that you had skins made you realise how obvious it was.
CSGOEMPIRE-BOX Apr 1 @ 4:54am 
Congratulations you became the winner of our giveaway and your prize is a M9 Bayonet | Marble Fade ! All you have to do is to go on and use the FADE promo code!
✪Ace™ Mar 28 @ 4:43am 
Kind of a shame. Knew it was gonna happen eventually. Would of been good if you were actually legit. Might of been a pro player in the future. But i guess you just ended up like Forsaken. Denied, Denied, Goneeeeee!!! i did a little check on your inventory.Nearly a 10k inventory wasted. Kid, you're smart but this wasnt your brightest moment. Maybe next time dont use Word.EXE you twine. See you on your next acc.....
┼L1KEWISE! Mar 28 @ 4:39am 
sharu Mar 28 @ 4:29am 
remember when i told you, you would get vacced, i like how you denied it to ace but you used to call out where they were when we said turn em off