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9.6 Hours played
First I want to say that I still really want to play this game. When servers work I enjoy playing it with my friends.

BUT, at it's current state and being an always online game I can't even play solo. With two betas we were told that the developers fixed many problems with their servers and it should have been a smooth launch. This was far from the truth as evident by everyone's frustration as well as mine.

When the developers on Twitter/X mention they deployed "fixes" it feels more like they are turning it off and on again, then it works for a little bit and that's their "fix", but then after a few hours later nothing works again. If I was able to at least play a few hours a day then I would say their fix worked partially, but this isn't the case. The servers go down hours after their fix.

Now again the game is really fun when I play with my friends and I do hope the developers really do work on a proper fix. But until that time this review along with many others on this platform will stay until you get your house in order.