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How to be a good partner for your team's Medic: Things you should do and things you should avoid.

I originally wrote up this list for MrP's discussion thread 'Medic Mains and Pub games' over at the steamgroup MrPaladin's TF2 Pals , where MrPala
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Metabolic Apr 17 @ 4:51pm 
My suggestion:
Make a dog of a different breed, any short-legged breed with thick fluffy fur that provides the needed girth. Or make it a mutt, a mix of dachshund and some fluffy small dog and some burly pitbull, then you can keep the dachshund pattern but make the dog burly and fluffy instead of obese. I feel that a mutt fits the Scout better thematically than a purebred dog, anyway.

That is one poor overfed Dachshund. (Or "Dackel" in German.)
I understand, the dog has to cover the Scout's courier bag on his back.

But the dog's proportions still look... odd. It's not just the girth, but its front legs are attached too far back, and its neck should be longer to be recognizable as a dachshund. I like the look of the fur pattern and the painted variants, though.
@Extra Ram " item that suits your needs"
I assume this is about hte dachshund.
If you think I my "needs" include virtual items, you are flattering yourself. I enjoy cosmetic items on TF2. I don't need them. If that was the case, I would take the time to model my own. I took the time to leave feedback that is more that a single generic sentence of "omg Valve pls add".
If that is now considered rude, and if you are so thin-skinned that you can't tell suggestions apart from demands, I can only facepalm.
Extra Ram Apr 17 @ 3:55pm 
For someone who has a lot of ideas of what they'd like to see being added to the TF2 workshop, as well as having a pretty solid understanding of the game's limitations, you sure do use that knowledge to leave some really longwinded, overly detailed critiques on items for even the tiniest of things, eventually getting to the point it's a completely different item. And you do this a LOT.

Is constructive criticism a bad thing? Absolutely not. However, it's one thing to leave reccomendations on a creation that actually seems logical and insightful, but when you do what you do and leave an encyclopedia of reccomended changes to a pretty solid item to the point it's a completely different item that suits your needs, it's no longer helpful pointers but you being snobbish and rude.
Busy Mar 13 @ 3:26am 
I love that Feed Back and Yes it was a Community Idea done before we just thought it would be awesome to see a different Version of it for 2017 - 2018.
@Dr_Shpougal: Also, if I ever were to sell the Spellbound Field Practice, the original owner/unboxer who I bought the hat from asked to have first call if he wants to buy it back.
@Dr_Shpougal: Okay, I will. But I am looking primarily for a Spellbound Medic hat slot item that doesn't clip with the Beak (and fits the theme of my "Starry Night" set). I'm not looking for a replacement Field Practice with a different effect (although I like the hat in general).