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Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Environment Mods
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Pony Net
Collection by CrazyFluffyPony
We are live! Stormworks is now running the internet! Checkout a real life based internet, including switches, routers, celullar networks, dhcp. Also featuring Pony OS, an operating system running your apps that has a window manager, network manager, keyboa
FBN CFP CRS (Diesel Electric Multiple Unit) Set of Cars and Spawners
Collection by CrazyFluffyPony
A description and manual can be found on the page of the Power Car:
Ponys Microcontroller Tools
Collection by CrazyFluffyPony
Pistenbully 600
Collection by CrazyFluffyPony
Feels like riding a pony, so much horsepower! Intro The Pistenbully 600 (Original Vehicle) is a diesel powered, all terrain vehicle. It's specialized o
Units to Master communication [customizable framework]
Collection by CrazyFluffyPony
This system is meant to be CUSTOMIZED BY YOU! Features 1 Master supports up to 60 identifyable units out of the box. A unit sends it's data once per second. Each unit can transmit ~25 number and ~25 boolean channels. The master accesses the data in lua. Ho
Pony Emergency Beacon Locator System
Collection by CrazyFluffyPony
Find multiple emergency beacons on the map at the same time! Do you want to use the basic Units to Master System for your own ideas? Then check this out: Features This system allows you to p
Spycakes Historical Train Station
Collection by CrazyFluffyPony
Small train station for terminal spycakes. Use the environment mod or the mission to spawn it in. Big version:
Antwerpen Train Station (Historical)
Collection by CrazyFluffyPony
Original: The complete building is made out of 3 parts. Use the environment mod or the mission playlist to spawn it in. You can either spawn in single parts or all parts at once. Performance
Schaeffler Tuning
Collection by CrazyFluffyPony
This collection contains: a full electric, high speed, Audi S4eP tuned by Schaeffler a solar powered charging station a workshop / garage missions to spawn in the charging stations and workshops / garages
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