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Thank you to the devs and publisher of Total Factory, Total Craft Games, for providing a fun game that made me build, defend and farm.

My Steam review rating: Mostly Positive

Total Factory sits on a very, very small pile of automation games that proclaims it is fully complete. It's not labeled early access, it has a full achievement list, it all works as intended without basically any performance issues……

And then you get to level 7(of 8) and it all changes as minor issues arise with a confusing rushed ending that all need addressed for a more satisfying play through to the end.

Total Factory is a mix of genres that includes automation, tower defense, and farming. At the start of a new game you will begin by making a randomized world and choosing to include or exclude enemies. The world is not an open world but a connected 4x4 grid. As you explore you will come along a shadowed barrier that you simply enter and transfer into the next area. I believe this is done to keep enemies isolated and it is a seamless transition as you will be moving product via conveyor belts/power lines though these zones. The zones include different biomes such as desert, winter, forest, and plains which will have specific resources while a few can be found anywhere.

As with all automation games the goal is to gather resources, create, automate, combine and export 3 or so items so that will unlock the next tier. Everything from the genre is here from conveyor belts, drills, power lines, assemblers, mergers, splitters, etc. all works as expected and when upgraded I was surprised to see them aesthetically change, nice touch.

One of the most important aspects of an automation(or any) game is inventory and here it is very limited with exclusions of auto stacking and sorting. This is painful and a very, very major issue that will be highlighted in the late game. As I did fully complete the game with 100%, the ending feels really incomplete/rushed as you can craft a radar dish, enemy mortar and an enemy spawn point? It makes no sense.

There are only 3 enemy types in the game who are not really too aggressive but the more time you spend in a zone, the more will spawn. The 3 enemy types include a mortar which launches rockets in an area(highlighted on the ground) , a slow tank like robot and a fast robot who will try to steal resources from anywhere who will be your main nemesis.. They will also put down a pad to spawn in more enemies. They are not aggressive but necessary and a nuisance. Necessary because killing them will provide the ONLY resources to upgrade ALL equipment.and a nuisance because your weapon is terrible. The only weapon you will equip is a gun that shoots at a short distance with slow velocity and with even maximum damage it feels really weak making the play through longer than needed.

Luckily you will be given the ability to build 2 robot types,a healer and a fighter, alongside turrets and a mortar of your own. These are pretty cheap to build and will suffice in base protection for the most part. And as you will have smaller factories spread across the zones, make sure to have them guarded. Enemies again are not aggressive, but will spawn near bases and with no protection they will destroy it.

I want to briefly touch on level 7-8 which IMO, needs desperate rebalance alongside the inventory I already discussed. This is where you will begin farming whether that is harvesting oranges and apples from trees or growing crops such as corn, tomatoes, or berries. The problem is these levels take forever because there is no way to automate water to crops. You will have to manually go back and forth to a water source and with all of your needs in multiple zones it becomes an absolute chore.

As an example one crop(blueberry*) needs water (I counted) 13 times for it to fully grow and harvest. That harvest will account for an avg of 400+ berries. One of the last items you will need is 500 jars of blueberry jam. This required 30 blueberries for each jar, meaning you need a total of 15k blueberries. That is about 35 BB bushesx13 manual water ea x 45 sec(guesstimate) between ea water. This should explain why the last 2 levels took me over 15 hrs to complete.

*This is the most extreme example, other crops are quite abundant to find and dont require a lot of work to harvest.

Total Factory is a strong automation game for 75% of the time but the end game feels rushed with levels that are extremely grindy, unbalanced and inventory that is not optimized in a way to lessen the players time. There is still plenty of content to enjoy worth a sale price and for those who want to check out one of my favorite genres. It definitely is a welcoming game for new players and those who want to test their overall grind tolerance.


An automation game that isnt in early access.
Fun game loop , progression for 75% of the game
Nice visual presentation
No bugs or issues with performance
Choice to include/exclude enemies
Enemies cannot destroy conveyor belts
Fun achievement list to 100%


Lack of space, sort or auto stack for inventory
Main weapon is super weak
Last 2 levels need reworked
No true ending
Proper balance from weapon dmg, healing time, crops growing, etc.
Bare bone settings
Cant export out of storage containers
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