Chris Nealon   Phoenix, Arizona, United States
If you get a friend request from me, but don't know me, don't worry. I don't know myself sometimes. Read more by clicking on "More Info" below!

So allow me to say Hi...I'm Chris. ChrisLeeNeal on here, Chris Nealon on Facebook, and Idle Thoughts in some other gaming communities and online message boards.

I tend to add random people whom I don't even know for many reasons, including (but not limited to), liking their profile, their name, their wishlist, their choice of games, recommendations they've written, having mutual friends in common with them, or even just because.
The way I see it, everyone on here is already a friend of mine by default because we are all of the very special group of people known as gamers. And anyone who plays games can't be all that bad.

So hi, I'm Chris. You may not know me and I may not know you, but that's no reason we can't compare, suggest, trade, and enjoy video games together.

I'm a HUGE Achievement Hunter, although my collection is pretty small right now. But as time goes by, I hope to increase it and become like some of the friends I have who seem to have 10,000 achievements.

I also hope to one day become a member of the Game Collectors group on here. To me, gaming is life...and I just recently discovered Steam after practically living online (I work online) for ten years. It's like...where has it been all of my life?
And although my game collection on here is still meager and paltry compared to some, I've already amassed almost 320 of them in only about a year and a half.

For some reason, people sometimes tend to think I added them because of this. No, I won't send you trades. No, I won't ask for things that you have in that game. No, I have never even played that game before (and probably never will since I don't like multiplayer games--with the exception of Left4Dead).
So don't worry about it if you're wondering. :p

I also will never ask you or beg you for: Games, Trading Cards, or anything else to do with this site. You want to trade, I'm for it. But I will never just ask you to GIVE me anything. I've had that happen to me on here a lot already and it is very annoying.

In other news: You're awesome.

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Tolyan Aug 25 @ 7:45am 
        _   , __'ハ__,、``丶、      ハ
.       |ド、< `7,、 マ/ハ\。、ヽ、   ト、 /\
       」レ'   ´ `└' 。 。 \ l レ  |
       '  ,=、    ,ニ、     。 `〈 /
       | liii |    l ii|   ゚  。 ゚ }- '
       l `‐' (つ   `‐ ′ 。 。 。  /
.       ',  ` T^T´      ゚ 。 、 /
.       \  。`‐'     ゚'  _ ィ、\
         /ヽ、... ____」ヽr'´  ` ┘
        ヽ-'       ヽ 」
🌈Grimmondiy Aug 17 @ 2:19pm 
“You can't stop the future
You can't rewind the past
The only way to learn the secret to press play.”
:squirtheh: :squirtheh: :squirtheh: :squirtheh: :squirtheh:
Tolyan Jul 8 @ 9:54pm 
         ;ヽ   ;ヽ
         ; :ヽ ;.::ヽ
       ;  `'''''" ...::`:、
      ,: '      ...::::`、
      ,:'         ..::::::;
      ;  O    O  ..::::::;
      ヽ ''''   -    ''''::::::,:'
      ⌒,.,-‐''''"~~`''、,:' .:`:、
     ,:''"´    ,,,,-‐'゛  ::;;
      、,,,,,-‐',:'` `'.、,,,,,,,,,:'::;;
      ,:'   ,:''    '':、::::;
     ,:'    ,:'   ,:'    ::::;
    ;;⌒ ;;⌒ヽ  ,:'   ...:::;
     `:、 `:、   人;;;_;;_;;ノ:::::
ChrisLeeNeal Jul 8 @ 6:56pm 
I don't think there's a right or stupid way to play ANY game. :p From what he tells me, everyone else is the toxic ones...and, no offense, I've known him for five years, so I'm going to believe him over anyone else.

So..anyway, hope ya have a nice life. :)
Norwegian_Stylee Jul 8 @ 4:31am 
welp, comment on this if you like chris. i cant be bothered typing no more. this is probably the most typing ive ever done this year so.
Norwegian_Stylee Jul 8 @ 4:27am 
so you mean to type the stedy part steay too? nice.
theres no right and wrong, ur right about that. but its just that he was playing, how do i say it. in a toxic behaviour? he was camping every one he hooked and watched die as no one could help. its kinda stupid to die that way yknow.