Danny Fulp
Michael   Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
SFM shot by CursedForever

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(Haha colour-matching joke very funny)


I like computers a lot and hope to one day work with computers without the stereotypical legal stipulations of having your life savings on the line if somebody else breaks your code for no reason to no fault of your own...

I have changed my name over 500 times by now and I'm really unlucky with coming up with names.

Also, I might be able to give you bad explanations of computer science concepts since that is what I went to school for, but expect a lot of bad logic and maths metaphors and at the end of the explanation being asked to do it until you understand actually.

Level 0 Australiums Received:
Grenade Launcher

unusuals unboxed: (I seem to be great at unboxing bad unusuals)
dead presidents noble amassment of hats
terror watt halogen headlamp
cloud 9 professor's peculiarity
Miami Nights baron von havenaplane
kill-a-watt pardner's pompadour
Dead presidents Soviet Gentleman
Green Confetti Liquidador's Lid
Miami Nights Bear Necessities
Terror Watt Carouser's Capotain
Green Confetti Woolen Warmer
Massed Flies L'Inspector
Aces High Friggin Sweet Ninja Hood
Terror Watt Brigade Helm
Dead Presidents Glasgow Great Helm
Terror Watt Condor Cap
Dead Presidents Mann of Reason
Terror Watt Cadaver's Cranium
Midnight Whirlwind Bunnyhopper
Screaming Tiger Skullcracker
Dead Presidents Bullet Buzz
Dead Presidents Fr-0
Dead Presidents Sole Mate
Dead Presidents Killer's Kabuto
Mirthful Mistletoe Sky High Fly Guy (With Yeti Smash LOL)
Orbiting Planets Killing Tree
(It got too depressing to keep listing these out, but I have gotten a Tempered Thorns Patriot's Peak since then)
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My Macaw Masked Collection Part 2 (By CursedForever)
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Created by - Rapid, Portponky, and Kodderkopp
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One time I played Golf and finished the round with over a thousand points. I looked it up in the book of world records, nobody is even close to my high-score.
Here are some sudoku...
(First one I made that I liked enough to keep, very easy)

(This one has a stupid long chain in it if you want a hint)

(This one has one time where you do a stupidly verbose solving technique.)

(My highest ranking puzzle according to another person's solver on "sudoku wiki")

(This one uses a rather silly technique that gets used rather early on in the sudoku wiki solver so odds are that years later you'll still be able to find out why this puzzle is silly)

(Has a rare (from my perspective) technique called a jellyfish on the sudoku wiki site)

(This one changes in rating by quite a bit, so I thought that this one might be worth posting too. Has quite a few chains in it last I checked, with a lot of other fancy BS you have to do to solve it naturally.)

(Here are some sudoku... I only post them since my code wrote them and some of them are silly difficult. If for some reason the numbers I chose offend you, you can exchange the numbers equally and entirely between each number (1s with 2s, etc.), and I let javascript's Math.random() function write everything. Simply copy into a grid going from left to right and going down row by row until the grid is filled up. I use a solver that I didn't write to check them though so these puzzles could actually be a lot easier than I say if you only half complete certain techniques. I don't actually do sudoku, I was just looking for a neat programming problem to solve at my level lol. Btw, I didn't just brute force a crapton of puzzles and spam the sudoku wiki, my generator can be told to look for patterns that I spent WAY too much time trying to perfect, but at least I could become a sudoku author if I needed to with how much code I wrote lol.)
Artwork Showcase
My Macaw Masked Collection (By CursedForever)
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Amazing player!
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close your steam in Task manager it fixes the Chat message Closing problem
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Nice profile pic
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