Captain Barbossa
Hector Barbossa
Gents... Ladies... My name's Hector Barbossa .
I am sarcastic, greedy, harmful, loyal, honorable and kind of a terrible man.
I hate fools: Those who truly think they can insult me as they wish, runnin' away with no consequences... As that me matey, be a bloody fatal thought.
I accept not insults from any kind, and *any kind* there be meant for real, unless if true they were.
I shall not care for those who be worthless scums to me, an' for no reason to be mentioned. I assume they are... more of addled worms than addled people.
I most likely accept Friend Requests, so be Group Invites.
Don't dare think about makin' me angry or startin' a fight between me and ye, it would be the biggest mistake you have ever done in your short life.
I be here t' have fun, not to waste me time by talkin' to bilge rats and cockroaches!
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Colorize Sep 25 @ 10:34am 
So let's talk about our luck
We came here out of destiny
We've been spinning and left stuck
Drowning in out black sea
And we hope for sunrise
But our dreams are dressed as enemies
It's time to open my eyes
So start a little prayer for me :sundrive:
Squatting Slavic Aug 7 @ 1:49pm 
good bye captain it was nice knowing you
Squatting Slavic Jul 7 @ 5:25pm 
damn that effing sucks but i'll still wait and if he goes offline for 900 days then i will officially stop sending friend invites and maybe we can hold an online memorial for him
George 👑 Jun 24 @ 3:22pm 
Rest in Peace mate, always will remember you as a true friend :(
Doggo Jun 6 @ 6:40pm 
Ok everyone. To settle this a little bit, for those of you who don't know Cap lived in the middle east when all the ISIS crap went down. He ran the shipmates GMod Server with me and I was one of his staff. The server went under and we didn't hear from him. Then I heard on the news that ISIS bombed in Egypt and Syria and there were civillian casualties. So I'm afraid that he was one of those casualties.
Squatting Slavic May 29 @ 8:36am 
do you have proof he legimately passed away?