Kuba   United States
If you are interested in an item of mine either a) read my pricelist or b) make an offer.
I primarily play League of Legends, but I am an avid trader of TF2 items.
I collect/buy/trade/sell spelled items, add me if you are interested in tradng with me.
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I am selling: spelled items galore
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tomvnook Apr 21, 2021 @ 4:32am 
Ayo man! Kuba you have Portal 2 giftable copy in your Steam Inventory, could u trade it for something please? Added u :youtried: Rlly want this :( :youtried::1scoreSD:
cawawlh02 :3 May 9, 2019 @ 5:34pm 
add me back if you get back
fotzendicker69 Jan 1, 2019 @ 6:34pm 
added to buy spelled tyrantium helmet with pure keys
byteframe's cat Dec 19, 2018 @ 11:30pm 
🕺 + [Secret Drug Facts] + 💃
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Norm: Clifford Clavin's head.
-- Cheers, The Triangle

Sam: Hey, what's happening, Norm?
Norm: Well, it's a dog-eat-dog world, Sammy,
and I'm wearing Milk-Bone underwear.
-- Cheers, The Peterson Principle

Sam: How's life in the fast lane, Normie?
Norm: Beats me, I can't find the on-ramp.
-- Cheers, Diane Chambers Day

But, officer, he's not drunk, I just saw his fingers twitch!

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peeker Sep 26, 2018 @ 3:18am 
Hey, Im adding you to discuss about Spelled item pricing! If you still do that anyway. Saw you on a Forum, Wanted to talk to you about a few spelled hats i have and what they are valued/ worth. Thanks!
toumass Aug 12, 2018 @ 12:47am 
Hi thats me from