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My friends list is usually full, and I will periodically remove people from my friend's list that haven't been online recently. If you think I removed you by mistake, feel free to add me again. That said, unless I am about to play a game with you, or I've talked to you on Discord first, I probably won't accept any friend requests, as I don't typically use Steam as a chatting platform. If you need to chat with me, please contact me on Discord. Sorry for any inconvenience!

About Me:
Hey guys, I’m Azralynn, and welcome to my Steam Profile!

I play all sorts of games; sometimes I stream them on my Twitch channel [] or upload them to my YouTube channel

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day! :D

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:csgostar: Twitch Channel []
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:csgostar: Official Steam Group
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I bet Canadian Girls do this all the time, especially qt-Az 💞

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Happy Weekend To You
Hope you relax
chill, game
eat, drink
and have lots of laughs n fun
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