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My backlog is massive, and I feel very guilty about receiving games I cannot play in a timely manner. I really do appreciate the thought, but I would prefer that if you want to support me, please do so on Patreon or via PayPal. Thanks!

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My friends list is usually full, and I will periodically remove people from my friend's list that haven't been online recently. If you think I removed you by mistake, feel free to add me again. That said, unless I am about to play a game with you, I probably won't accept any friend requests, as I don't typically use Steam as a chatting platform. If you need to chat with me, please contact me on Discord. Sorry for any inconvenience!

About Me:
Hey guys, I’m Azralynn, and welcome to my Steam Profile!

I do written reviews on Steam and on my website [] and Quick Game Reviews on my YouTube Channel . I also do Steam game giveaways for my YouTube subscribers!

My goal is to provide you with quick, informative, and honest reviews of games in a straight-forward, get-to-the-point manner.

I really love gaming, and I buy, play, and enjoy many genres of games. Please feel free to check out my library or add me if you want to make suggestions on what games you would like to see.

It is my goal to play and complete every single game I review, . If I can't, I will at least put in significant amount of time to test and experience everything that I can, and I will tell you how long I played for.

If you’re interested in what I’m doing and what I’m trying to accomplish, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel . And don’t forget to check out my website [] if you want to see my written reviews, and various giveaways. I also put all my written reviews on Steam as well.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day! :D

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"Yup. It's all good my little furry friend."
*groping, fondling, heavy petting* 😎
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Eyes, fingers, toes!"

—Gomez, Addams Family (1991)
AP3X W01F Jul 13 @ 8:50pm 
+rep really good sport complimented me on my running instead of getting salty which is rare in Dead by Daylight
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Don't forget to do the Steam 14 stories thing and get a Summer Badge
I talk with my fists and guns and became the "Masked Avenger!"
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🤑 Steam Summer 2021' Sale is almost upon us 🙀
Don't forget to put up "5 bucks" for the 21' Summer badges 😻
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😈 Friend count at 665 🤖
*reverts back to regular Steph*

And "Az's Deviliously Super Spicy Hot Sauce" biz quietly shuts down 👻