Please, if you want to add me, tell me why in my profile comments first.

My GAs on SG (when I'm active - I often take breaks) are in a large part for groups, that everyone can join (and joining which I recommend) like Playing Appreciated, Delete the Giveaway, LootBoySG and different public curator groups, that I follow and support.
Even so, they are usually level 4-7. If I do trains or events (I do, when I have enough keys), they are SGTools protected and usually start with level 2.
I do not enter GAs indiscriminately nor just for cards, but I collect games, that interest me for different reasons, so I do have many unplayed games (both purchased and gifts) in my library, which interest me for different reasons and which 1 day I may want or need to play.
I do not "trade" "Blue Hearts".
Gorneylin is my only alt on Steam.

Thank you for reading, have a great time :)
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I'm not much into clicker/idle/incremental games, but this one is a rare and beautiful gem.

It's not really complex or long. It's not asking you to make some math based strategic decisions, like freeware Cookie Clicker does. Instead if offers you close to perfect execution of a great idea, spiced with humor and some surprising turns of the story.

I say "near perfect", because it has just 1 flaw: some dialogs show up, when you are in the middle of frantically clicking... and promptly disappear after 1 or 2 clicks. Nothing game breaking, and at least some of them can be brought back by clicking on different screen places, but still they should have their separate buttons to dismiss/advance.

Anyway, what can be more fun, than getting your stuck in deep space colonization ship back into the shape and bringing your family to safety by just pedaling your old exercise bike?

Highly recommended, 9.5/10 :)

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