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:SpeedEmoticon: The BOT cant send you offer if your inventory is set to private.

:SpeedEmoticon: The BOT cant send you offer if you cant trade in general (i.e. have 5 day cooldown after changing e-mail adress)

:SpeedEmoticon: The BOT has some limits including maximum number of keys that you can use to trade at one trade (currently 50 keys per transaction).

:SpeedEmoticon: The BOT is going to automatically remove you after 200 hours without a trade.

:SpeedEmoticon: If your trade for some reason got rejected try to send it again after 1 minute. Some trades with 1k+ cards need a moment to be processed and the processing time is outside of BOT's control.

:SpeedEmoticon: The BOT accepts all keys except capsule keys.

:SpeedEmoticon: Does the amount of XP varies for different badges?
:mrprpistol: Each set gives 100 xp.

:SpeedEmoticon: Can I craft badge from games I do not own ?
:mrprpistol: Yes. You don't have to own the game to craft it's badge

:SpeedEmoticon: Will i receive sets that I already crafted ?
:mrprpistol: Bot doesn't send offers for badges you already have completed

:SpeedEmoticon: What will I receive after badge craft?
:mrprpistol: +100xp to your steam level
:mrprpistol: +1 profile background
:mrprpistol: +1 emoticon
:mrprpistol: +5 friend list spaces for every level gained
:mrprpistol: +1 showcase per 10 level's gained
:mrprpistol: +1 discount coupon

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