Slay   Aurora, Illinois, United States
The Hall of Infamy
dr.shankeshee : o my orora i see you!!!

Ninja: I say we let me abuse my powers and not tell anyone (I'm not doing that)



chard: can we not fight on the mic and remember Jesus

DarkxVenom14: so for ppl who ded how did die or did u die from i died my aurora

JakXster: aurora?
Aurora: What?
JakXster: why you say my name
Aurora: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mythical Muffins: SHUT UT
Mythical Muffins: IT*

*DEAD* [Guest] person : I SURVIVED

wwwmanncocom : to shay


Ksg9095: hahaha take that u back stabing mutq

Ksg9095: hees the illerr
Ksg9095: camoo
Ksg9095: camoo the killer
Ksg9095: he killed him

Aurora: What are you shooting at?
chupin-ilya04: eddy
M A R T I N: oh god

Camo Commando: What happens if we get all the artifacts?
M A R T I N: i dont know
chupin-ilya04: u get gun
M A R T I N: u get gf

chupin-ilya04: aurora are realy murder well i kill only 1

garysmedleysr: he is saten

Champloo: do you sap the spy..?

12:09 PM - Aurora: I went to let my dogs out, and the video was stuck processing.
12:09 PM - Ninja: WHO LET THE DOGS OUT
12:09 PM - Aurora: My dog is using a loud squeaky toy right now.
12:10 PM - Ninja: Can you put this on your wall of stupid things people say?
12:10 PM - Aurora: Yeah
12:10 PM - Ninja: Thank you

★Pan's-Pan★ left the game (Disconnect by user.)

8:22 PM - Aurora: That was a bad video
8:23 PM - Ninja: Yes, yes I was

buttsac: o mannnnnn
buttsac: did anyone see that shot
buttsac: yooooooooooooooooooooo
buttsac: right in my buttsac

tmsoto13+: hey czar i tbagged you after i killed you
tmsoto13+: lol

Czar: alpha has the IQ of a squirral's nutsack.

alpha_soldier11: im a gal?
alpha_soldier11: im misterius
alpha_soldier11: IM A
alpha_soldier11: CIRCLE
alpha_soldier11: yes
alpha_soldier11: im
alpha_soldier11: heter
alpha_soldier11: when i say heter
alpha_soldier11: im saying straightt
alpha_soldier11: when i say straight
alpha_soldier11: i say i like squares
alpha_soldier11: not cubes
alpha_soldier11: cubes are weirdos
alpha_soldier11: that was a lil racist
alpha_soldier11: cubracis

alpha_soldier11: paia
alpha_soldier11: XD
alpha_soldier11: SWAMPI
alpha_soldier11: ISWAIMP
alpha_soldier11: YOU ARE ON MY SWAMP CZAR

Czar- "French is more like English than English is like itself."

DeniedSuicide: hopefully i can grt sone sleep tonight if he doesnt stresm

Czar: helo everyone oday we2ll lean how to lay team fortset 2 be sure to share and like
Czar: today we wil learn the scout
scout is very very fast and young just lik us
he has a the scater gun witch is strong in short lengt but very bad in long
his pistol is beter bor lognr ange
he aslso have milk and bonks
he caries a bat wich it aacks faster

Czar: henlo tray i cool Shi u how to blah tee eff too
Czar: My phone is n srupid

travis_co19+: it snot me
travis_co19+: pancake yuo suck
travis_co19+: buying you suck

Seth+: Aurora that was very good men , LOL VERY GOOD

travis_co+: i heared an gun fire

1:35 PM - Ninja: You are sort
1:35 PM - Ninja: sorttt
1:35 PM - Ninja: t
1:35 PM - Ninja: t
1:35 PM - Ninja: t
1:35 PM - Ninja: t\
1:35 PM - Aurora: I am sort?
1:35 PM - Ninja: Yes

jukadoge: this
jukadoge: is
jukadoge: SPARTANNNN
Aurora+: Spartan?
djwarrior300 | TML+: *sparta

jukadoge: parkou
jukadoge: fail

Punchy : I hate it when voldermort steals my nutella

1:19 PM - Ninja: Do you put cereal in first, or milk.
1:23 PM - Aurora: Cereal
1:23 PM - Aurora: Then milk
1:23 PM - Aurora: Then the bowl
2:28 PM - Ninja: So you use the bowl last?
2:28 PM - Aurora: Yes
2:28 PM - Ninja: How?
2:28 PM - Ninja: Do you put everythinh in your hands?
2:28 PM - Ninja: EVERYTHING*
2:28 PM - Aurora: I just put it on the cereal and the milk.
2:28 PM - Aurora: I scoop it up into the bowl.
2:28 PM - Ninja: But the milk wouldn't............................
2:28 PM - Ninja: Nevermind

[Alliance] Winter Hunter : Hey again Auroua
Aurora : Hey :D
[Alliance] Winter Hunter : *aruroa
Aurora : aruaroaro
[Alliance] Winter Hunter : *Aroura
Shino>< : hola a todos!
[Alliance] Winter Hunter : *Aroura
[Alliance] Winter Hunter : *Aurora

morshu : spaghetti
morshu : i am meatbal

CoolMANN: come get me i mjuicy preay
CoolMANN: im a little victim come get me

victorvoon: coolmann i ganno kill you this round

CoolMANN: i got arred
CoolMANN: jarred

♥ Nava Shark ♥+: i will cuts someone dick off ._.
♥ Nava Shark ♥+: oops
♥ Nava Shark ♥+: i press the wrong bind

̶ ['\]̶/̶̶\̶[\/]'∑̶̶̶ : Iam an european

†MGz† | Sm♥key's : aurora is trying hard boyxd

MERCKED : i olny die to aurto
MERCKED : aura

Sudoku Parade : oh fuck off dude

MR DOCTOR PROFESSOR Miller88 : send all falt earthers to mars

(TEAM) cmrico1982 : hey aurora
(TEAM) cmrico1982 : aurora
(TEAM) Aurora : What?
(TEAM) cmrico1982 : is your name aurora orrrr
(TEAM) Aurora : In real life?
(TEAM) Aurora : No
(TEAM) cmrico1982 : yes she cheated on me
(TEAM) Czar : ???
(TEAM) Aurora : ???
(TEAM) cmrico1982 : wanted to know if your playing on her account

(Voice) Aurora: Spy! (I called him a spy)
(TEAM) cmrico1982 : what the freak

Czar : I like pringl
Czar : mmmm.............
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+rep He sold me a banana for cheap
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No homo
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I’m gay no homo
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frick ur a heck ararururam >:(
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