Mr. Conductor
That Heavy-Set Medic From Youtube   Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Yes, before you ask, I'm the one from Youtube.
I live with the most amazing and lovely human being on planet earth, ]WaveRobin
I main medic obviously, and if you're not sure the person you see in a server with my name is me, check my medic loadout. I own the only "bonzo The All-Gnawing" Berliner's bucket helm in the world, so that is proof that it's me. If you spot me in a server by all means say hi.
You'll see I'm a pretty laid back guy.

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A lot of people want to add me as a friend, and I always accept,
but due to my friends list filling up very quickly, I will only accept friend requests from players steam level 10 and up.
Remember, if you:
:tdamedkit: Beg for items
:tdamedkit: Spam chat
:tdamedkit: Invite me to games
:tdamedkit: Ask questions you could have easily figured out yourself. I'm not an encyclopedia
Or if you are just annoying in general
You will be removed

I'm a REALLY laid back guy, but not reading this text box is the most sure-fire way to irritate me. There's a reason this is here, and I would appreciate if you would respect it.

:trilogo:Want to trade? Click Here :trilogo:

Leave a recommendation! :happymeat:
:sadcyclops: Backpack []:sadcyclops:

Because I've been gettting sick of answering the same questions over and over again, here's an F.A.Q.

:tdamedkit: Will you accept my friend request?
I used to, but the seriously large amount of invites have made me be pretty picky. I will on some occasions, though. Adding a comment helps, but it's no garauntee.

:tdamedkit: Why did you remove me as a friend?
Every time my friends list fills up I purge my friends list so I have more room for others. It's nothing personal. But I can't keep everyone as a friend permanently, if I did I'd lose touch with the people who are my good friends that I enjoy playing with. You're welcome to add me again, but just bear in mind that's how it works. It's either that or you're really annoying

:tdamedkit: Are you recording right now?
Sigh.. I've answered this so many times. If i'm recording I'll start a steam group event, otherwise no, I am not. Please, this is the most irritating question EVER. Please, never ever ask me this.

:tdamedkit: Can I be in a video?
Specifically, no. But if you want to be in a video you have to know that you'll simply have to be playing with me when I'm filming, and it's completely arbitrary. I use footage that goes with the video, and wether or not I use the recording with you in it is just going to have to be on fate's hand.

:tdamedkit: Will you sign something for me?
Sorry, I can't do that anymore. :happymeat:

:tdamedkit: Can you join my game?
Nope. Please save your time. I don't join games because when i play tf2 i play what i want to play. You're welcome to join the server I'm in, but i won't join yours.

:tdamedkit: When's the next video going to be out?
Ah ah ah, no cheating. You'll have to wait and see like everyone else. ;D

:tdamedkit: You're editing huh? What's the video about?
See previous answer.

:tdamedkit: Can you join my Steam group?
No thanks. I'll walk.

:tdamedkit: Can you teach me to (insert playstyle here)?
Sorry, that's what the videos are for. If I'm good at it, you'll bet I make a tutorial on it.

Otherwise, feel free to chat with me and ask me all you like!

:tdamedkit: Come see my youtube channel!

:falkwreath::falkwreath: Unusual Pricelist :falkwreath::falkwreath:
Yep, they're stupidly overpriced, but that's so nobody buys them. :beatmeat:
:ss2heart: ArraySeven's Cardinal Chaos (Roboactive) - 500 Keys
:ss2heart: ArraySeven's Exuviating Epitaph (It's A Secret To Everybody) - 900 Keys
:ss2heart: ArraySeven's Mauve Maw Spec. Killstreak (Bonzo The All Gnawing) - Your first born son
:ss2heart: ArraySeven's Ossein Oracle (Misty Skull) - 800 Keys
:ss2heart: ArraySeven's Restless Radiance (Arcana) - 700 Keys
:ss2heart: ArraySeven's Spoiling Spirits (Haunted Phantasms Jr.) - 500 Keys
:ss2heart: ArraySeven's Verdigris Visage (The Ooze) - 700 Keys


The Following Players Are Permanently Blocked From Contacting Me
:steamsalty:My Brother With Tits
:steamsalty:๖ۣۜHARE | Trade.TF
:steamsalty:Brandflip (Hamster)
:steamsalty:Pro Procrastinator
:steamsalty:Dr. Topaz
:steamsalty:[TF2]Pyro Pack
:steamsalty:{ExKillarate}I S.P.A.M.
:steamsalty:BEEP BOOP 101
:steamsalty:Killer United phucngyun
:steamsalty:Rekt Simulator V.355 #RussiaSux
:steamsalty:[TK] Blade

If your name has ever been one of these, you may be blocked.
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I'm surprised I haven't done this earlier O:


Simply the best! :')
QuoteStrife Oct 20 @ 2:30pm 
this man is an epic gamer who reks all the f2ps:steamsalty:
Plasma, the Box Oct 14 @ 3:35pm 
iv mained medic for a while and over time i became a sniper main (you know how they are to medics) id like to ask about your expirence with them and a coupple other things
Plasma, the Box Oct 14 @ 3:32pm 
sup array just played a match with you but i would like to ask you a few questoins, would it be fine if i added you?
Calamari64 Oct 14 @ 1:29pm 
Wow, Just Played A Match With.
Modesto Oct 13 @ 4:33pm 
u are le best medic and it was awesome being in your stream